Couple Crush….

Just watched a programme on the wonderful Margaret Atwood and am feeling all warm inside..

I can’t really sum it up in words…the author herself…and the relationship with her husband….or maybe the long term friend….perhaps both

All I will say is….after the programme stood at the backdoor looking up at the night sky….patches of cloud obscuring the moon BUT… a shooting star whizzed past…at least I think it was…or a meteor or a satellite….not sure 

But a nice end to a day of frustration by way of crumbling plaster….falling down curtain poles at the same time as a serene woman parading up and down past my window that I wanted to throw my drill at….and a visit to my eldest whose situation at present is breaking my heart … gorgeous tho he looked…having grown his hair into a wild mess and sporting a burgundy velour tracksuit labelled ‘Be Velvet’

Yep…. ‘Be Velvet’



The most important job in the Universe!!!

Sam’s struggling to get his head around it…..he’ll get over it tho am sure


As for me….am just stuck at home bloody knitting YAWN…..shame you’ve already got a sidekick….if he gets lost in space or something Jo….you know…..would be more than happy to stand in till he gets back..Hmmmm and I could don a rather natty knitted cape to boot 

Well actually its a scarf

No its a blanket

Well actually am not sure what it is yet but still