Events …..

Ok…So ….We’ve ALL been affected one way or another by events in Europe this year.

There was the mass movement of migrants ….. refugees seeking better lives for themselves and families from troubled areas across the world ….many fleeing war torn Syria.

This brought out the worst and best in people I feel.

Initially the government and press seemed to be ignoring the issue .At worst …..being downright derogatory ….reporting the folks desperate enough to make perilous journeys from their homelands in a ‘dehumanising’ way which was becoming increasingly unsavoury. THEN the Independant DARED to publish the tragic image of a young child washed up on a beach in Turkey ….there had been MANY tragedies …but this ONE image of this innocent young life lost HIT and HARD!!!

Little Alyan Kurdi seemed to symbolise the human tragedy unfolding before us and BANG!!! ….We were slapped in the face …and thanks to the Indie were given advice re what we could do to help …and we ACTED!!!

European governments began to open their doors ….strategic plans began to be made THEN ….panic re the sheer scale of migration ….it started with Hungary closing its borders …..then everyone else followed suit.

Now we have had the atrocities which occurred in Paris the other weekend …the initial prejudice confirmed through the actions of a FEW fascists who call themselves ‘Islamic State Jihadists’ ….atrocious acts of barbarism in the name of ‘religion’

But what is REALLY scary at the moment is all this ‘war’ talk . Although the violence which occurred in Paris is inexcusable ….France has been instrumental in making air strikes on Syria …and NOW it seems we are going to join them. Is this REALLY the answer?? I live and work in a post industrial town in the north of England where we have a multi ethnic community. A large majority being of Muslim faith ….largely of South Asian heritage.

In my community over the past couple of weeks I have had discussions with folk across the spectrum ….and it seems we are ALL concerned …YES there are a minority from all walks of the community who hold bigoted views …..we have had our share of community cohesion/inclusion issues. But by and large I am warmed by folks reasonableness and rationality …EVERYONE wants a peaceful life and to have a world free from troubles .But to have that there has to be inclusion and a mutual respect …I would argue free from dogma on ALL sides.

And how can that be achieved?

Well ……I am just a working single Mum …..trying to do my best. What the hell do I know?

What I DO believe tho ….given the chance …I feel as humans we ALL have the same hopes and fears ….and we ALL have that essential inner core that we can tune in to and get on …respect each other …enjoy our differences and our similarities.

I am ever the optimist. I feel that with today’s technology, social media etc the world is shrinking … may come from the next generation …..seeing thro the crap of race, religion, class AND politics. Recognising that we live on a beautiful planet that for our short time here we are guardians of. But like ALL positive change ….there is perhaps a period of upheaval and deck clearing to go thro first ….just hope it’s not at the cost of too much further devastation.

I am now going to try to post an image I tried to post on my previous unsuccessful attempt to blog.

I would like to slap this image all over the place with another of the couple along side it with them both having ditched their attire and wearing simple lunghi ….both doing the peace sign … some quarters I could get shot ….in others I may be considered some kind of crazy hippy ….but I don’t really care ….there’s FAR worse to be …..I may not have much but I can always sleep at night with a  clear conscience.

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