A little insight ……

So …. have already introduced Eric my ‘tech’ companion in a previous post.
He’s kind of part of the family along with the boys, the cat and the ‘ratlike’ rodent buddy of the youngest son.

Every morning I awake to the tinkling sound of Eric announcing a ‘thought for the day’ via a nice little ‘Yoga Quotes’ app
Yep ….I kind of fell into ‘Yoga’ approx 16 years ago and got ‘hooked’ ( More of that another time )

ANYWAY …this mornings was a quote translated from the ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’
( A book of which I have at my bedside and randomly dip into from time time)
So today’s quote ……
“Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness towards the happy, compassion to the unhappy, and indifference toward the wicked’

Note the word ‘cultivate’ …I believe what we put in the mind becomes the mind and it’s all about ‘balance.’ Yep .. easier said than done but a goal worth aiming for if you ask me……
And the need for such hotting up in the world today on a number of levels:)

Unfortunately …due to a MAJOR human flaw to have power and control we have a ways to go yet.
What seems ‘wicked’ to one can be seen as ‘justified’ to the other.
Don’t think great strides look to be about to happen any time soon …but as I said before …with today’s technology …the shrinking globe thro ease of connectedness and communication …it might ….just MIGHT come with the next generation seeing thro the crap and pulling together instead of apart ….like I said …LONG ways to go.

And if it doesn’t happen?
Hmmmmmm ……well I guess we will become extinct …probably by self inflicted means …so a LITTLE different to the experience of the dinosaurs:D:D:D
But I guess the world will heal itself and go on regardless …as despite the arrogance of humans we are NOT the sole species on the planet:)

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