…… a little more

OK ….so thought I’d let you know some of my favorite reads ….

A translation of the ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ as stated previously …..

And this is an interesting one …. ‘ol Satish proposes a ‘New Trinity for Our Time’ which not only looks at the individual human ‘mind,body,spirit’ perspective …but how the individuals make up society ….the interrelation with ‘nature ….yet embracing science and creativity in the mix
It kind of borrows from ALL faiths and none …or maybe it just strips all faiths down to their core and provides an intelligent 21st century interpretation?

Another modern classic …. good ole Ben manages to simplify the ‘Tao Te Ching’ for ‘western’ readers, through the well loved and innocent children’s book character ‘ Winnie the Pooh’:D:D:D

And that’s just ‘it’ …..keep it simple …I’ve oft thought we should all retain a little spirit of 3 …Ok maybe not TOTALLY as that would be daft:D:D:D  Just retain a BIT of that awe, wonder and playfulness of a 3 year old. Again …easier said than done sometimes with the challenges of modern life and responsibilities of adulthood.

But we can ALL let go to the ‘pooh’ within us from time to time ….it’s IMPORTANT ….we should make it a PRIORITY in our daily life:D:D:D

And lastly ….this one … because ‘A person’s a person no matter how small’ and because Dr Seuss is just GREAT to read aloud with kids D:D:D

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