another why?

Hmmmm …..can understand the ‘contraversial’ image not being verified …but Horton? ……how can a cartoon Elephant have potential to cause any kind of controversy?

Its me isn’t it? …… to all this and probably downloading illegal images or something :D:D:D

Oh …..well.

Busy day today ….so will keep it brief ….just blog a fave film page to go with books …..a little further insight into this particular blogger:D:D:D

Oh …..and a huge Thankyou to the folk who have viewed, liked etc….can’t believe it really :D:D:D

Can see that this blogging lark could get a bit addictive …..seems that there is more than my imaginary correspondent ‘ Esther’ out there (See previous blog about talking to the ether but naming it so it feels more REAL:D:D:D

And you guys have some GREAT blogs ….all very individual ….all folk being themselves and just getting stuff out there … FABULOUS!!!:)

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