So why am I blogging?

Well …..I see ‘life’ like an ocean …you have to ride it whatever it chucks at you ….I imagine surfing the waves …..sometimes it’s exhilarating ….sometimes it’s a nice easy swell with the sunlight sparkling on the water ….at others it can be stormy, with HUGE waves coming at you, throwing you all over the place and it’s hard to stay afloat …. occaisionally it can be mirror still and shrouded in mist and your not really sure WHERE your heading.

The key is to keep hold of that board and just ride it ……we will all have to experience those waves to some degree or another …and maybe none of it will make sense as its happening but it’s an experience none the less …’life’ is to enjoy in its totality ….whatever wave we’re riding at the moment there is another coming behind it ….it’s a dynamic process.

So ….anyway ….I had been lucky to experience a number of years of smooth, sparkly swells, the odd little dip and some exhilarating moments ….but over recent years a coupleof personal   tragedies hit .

Unfortunately what should have drawn us together as a family tore us apart ….sad really.

At the time I hadn’t a clue what was going on …thought I was going insane. So I began writing a diary …..and it really helped to get things down on paper.

Anyway ….things have settled as they always do eventually…the boy’s father and myself split but pretty amicably in the end it has to be said ….we’ve ALL gone through a bit of turbulence but currently ‘deck clearing’ …. kind of preparing for the next chapter.

Last year I went thro a bit of a introspective/retrospective phase ….you know like a ‘review’ of my life thus far …looking at what has made me me …and why I do what I do.

I had thought 2015 was going to be like a ‘Year O’ … know …felt I’d done the ‘retrospective’ learned from it …chosen to let go of any crap, keep the positive aspects and work toward a better life for myself and the boys ……BUT ….I hadn’t tackled the ‘elephant in the room’

I wasn’t DIVORCED!!

and THAT is of course a crucial block to truly being able to move foreward.

and THAT is what is happening now ….the ‘deck clearing’ …..and BOY is it a pain in the bum …..we are as amicable as it gets but it STILL seems to be taking forever.

ANYWAY …..hoping that 2016 will be my year O ……was going to carry on with my diary when someone suggested I write a book:D:D:D

Thought ……Hmmmmmm …..but I’m wanting to move FOREWARD …….we’re in the 21st century for gods sake ……I know ….maybe now is the time to ‘Blog On’:D:D:

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