Will we? …Won’t we?

Ok …..so on Friday I received an e’mail from Jeremy Corbyn the new leader of the Labour Party …or should I say …his office …basically Jeremy is endeavouring to introduce a new kind of democracy to British politics …or should I say re introduce a more traditional ‘labour’ way of doing things …..

Every week he sends e’mails out asking if you have a question to put to the Prime Minister at Prime Ministers question time ….and to date he HAS asked questions posed by the public at large ( well labour supporters)

But boy is ole Jeremy being slated from ALL directions ….APART it seems from ordinary folk ( More about Jeremy’s surprise election as leader of the opposition later ….I for one LOVE the guy and am finding the whole thing very entertaining indeed ….but I digress:D:D)

So ….on Friday I was asked re thoughts on Uk getting involved with airstrikes on Syria …..Hmmm the government have been itching to do this for a while but have thus far been voted down ….However, since the IS atrocities in Paris there has been much ‘Gun Ho’ war talk …..which, when you live in a community like I do feels very uncomfortable indeed.

Of course ….I have said I think it’s a bad idea

Why? …….Because we jumped in to Iraq ‘all guns blazing’ without a UN mandate and with strong public opposition evidenced by mass demo’s ….and look what happened there?

It’s STILL a mess ….and was possibly responsible for radicalisation of some Muslims at home.

Let’s face it ….most of the ‘terrorists’ in Europe appear to be ‘home grown’ so rather than improve national security I believe there is risk of polarising communities here at home and thus promoting further radicalisation.

Hmmmmm …..the discussions in parliament will be very interesting this week ….I guess its a case of ‘watch this space’

….and back to the working week for me so will have to be on ‘blog rations’:D:D:D





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