Democracy in action

Well we certainly saw that this week ….

…… what with the ‘Climate Change Summit’ held in Paris at the start of the week, the 10 hour ‘debate’ lock in of our own parliament and the subsequent vote re British airstrikes on Syria.

On top of this was the Oldham by  election ….a more  ‘local’ affair and test of whether Jeremy Corbyn-style labour was able to hold ( albeit in a safe seat) when all around him seem to feel he is some kind of ‘nut job’

And on top of ALL this ( or actually maybe underneath it) was little ole me and my fabulous colleagues ….trying to continue ‘business as usual’ …..within our pressured work schedule

It SURE has been one hell of a week!

SO ….firstly the ‘Climate Change Summit’ ….. I think MOST acknowledge now the impact of climate change on our beautiful planet and how we are contributing to the destruction of the delicate balance needed to maintain and nurture it.

It’s GREAT to see the world leaders gathered together in this way …but like an extended family at the dinner table …it kind of starts well …but folk have differing agenda’s and disagreements re what should be done … WELL for sure …things need to change and the individual countries need to put financial greed and power away on this one or there will not be anything left to squabble about ….in terms of ‘energy’ …solar, wind and wave power seems to make sense to me ….but what route is kour particular government going down at the mo? …. NUCLEAR! by inviting China to invest in building HUGE nuclear power plants on our little Island ….Hmmmmm I wonder if you asked folks in Japan if they thought Nuclear was the way to go what THEY would say?
But anyway ….good to see folks from across the world coming together ALL recognising the concern and attempting to set targets for change … I’m pretty sure the will of the people is there too ….just need to keep this rolling in the right direction and gathering momentum before it’s too late.

And so to the big debate in Parliament this week …..I would love to have sat in during the 10 hour ‘lock in’ and just listened ….heard ALL the arguments for and against ….although little old me did not agree with the outcome …I feel it was a fine example of democracy in action ….

And I don’t care what ANYONE says ….I STILL love ole Jezza …NO he is NOT a polished politician ….he looks like a very ordinary, slightly scruffy old man …he HASN’T been preened and taught how to hold himself for the press ….in fact he looks like he doesn’t give a toss about the press …he certainly won’t be in the media or anyone else’s ‘pocket’ …like many in ‘power’ … and I think that’s partly what’s pissing everyone off … they haven’t a clue what do with him or about him …but I would urge folk to just listen to the guy and watch his demeanour …a man of INTEGRITY …a rare breed in the world today I feel …and THIS is what led to the sweeping landslide victory to leader of the Labour Party …a TRUE man of the people, calmly making his point in his unpolished way

AND I feel labour played a blinder ….it was a difficult call …you don’t take the decision to go to war without MUCH deliberation …. there were folks for and against across the political spectrum…. Jeremy is Jeremy …he had put the question out there to ordinary folk like myself ….he had also given the MP’s a ‘free’ vote ….he didn’t use ‘parliamentary whips’ ( the clue to what THEY do is in the title) to tow the party line.
Jeremy opened for Labour with his speech re why we should be against air strikes and it was closed by Hiliary Ben (son of Tony a politician I also loved) an excellent orator like his father, with his arguments for

Sadly …..the vote went in favour …..due to this there have been calls to oust Jeremy and pop Hiliary in his place ….but while ever he has the ‘people’s mandate’I don’t think Jezza is going ANYWHERE

And if/when the time comes he no longer has that …I reckon he will just calmly resign in his understated way ….no sweat:):):):):):)

And MY working week?
Well …. I don’t talk much about work when I get home …partly because, although I mostly love my job …it is stressful and I kind of have to switch modes and leave it at the door … plus respecting service user confidentiality which is a given

Suffice to say I work for a public sector organisation that was/is respected round the world and is currently on its knees having been ‘cut’ to the bone ( more about that another time maybe)

I work with a team of amazing people …and am privelaged to be allowed into the lives of some equally wonderful people and give them a hand up when the waves are hitting and there’s danger of being thrown off their board

I live in the community I work in …am passionate about the service I work for and the service we aim to provide ….NO ONE comes into the public sector for the money ….thankfully there are other rewards. And although I am good at keeping professional boundaries ….well you HAVE to be to do the job effectively …I do not believe there is a ‘them and us’ …WELL as said before …you never know when the waves are going to hit and you might need a hand up yourself …one of the prime goals of our service is its non exclusivity …its availability to ALL

Anyway ….first call to one of my regulars Monday morning ….he opens the door and says to me ….’Are you patriotic!!?’

‘Blimey THERES a question first thing Monday morning’ says I:D:D:D

With everything going on in the world recently ….and the diverse community I live and work in ….I have developed a ‘stock answer’ to questions like this …..:D:D:D

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