The ‘stock answer’ ……

So …my stock answer which happens to be true is …..
‘Well …I just go about my life doing the best I can ….sometimes not always getting it right like everyone else.
But my philosophy is simple …. if you treat people how you would like to be treated yourself you can’t go far wrong …plus being intolerant of abuse or intolerance WHEREVER it resides’

I guess it’s kind of following the ‘Golden rule’ which transcends all religion, faiths and belief systems

And as for being ‘Patriotic’ ….. WELL … It depends what you mean …. I’m English ….am I happy with that? …YES
Am I proud of my country ….hmmmm I’m not a ‘proud’ kind of person ….there is a LOT I like about this country but a LOT I don’t too ….or was until ole Jezza came along and has ruffled things up a bit and is forcing a rethink of the status quo in his understated …sometimes inadvertently blundering way:D:D:D

But I’ve spent time in other countries …nowhere is ‘perfect’ ….there are many, many WONDERFUL places on this earth all have their pro’s and con’s

I’m English ….but don’t feel ‘tied’ to this country more than if I lived anywhere else in the world ….you kind of have a vested interest in where you live don’t you?

So ….am I ‘Patriotic’? …hmmmmmmmm …well I don’t agree with what we are doing at the moment …I feel we need to examine our history
It’s like anything else …. no you can’t change the past …but what you CAN do is acknowledge it …learn from it …keep the good …chuck out the not so …and move foreward in a different way:)

So …am I Patriotic?
Yes and No :D:D:D

Bloody hell …what sort of answer is THAT!!!??? ….am making MYSELF laugh with that one:D:D:D

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