English things I like 2……

I love that England is multi cultural …..it keeps it vibrant and interesting

We’re a right higgledy piggledy mish mash here ANYWAY …..I love diversity and the slightly bonkers eccentricity of the English

I was given a book by someone very dear to my heart ….’Tales from a Small Island’ ….it’s actually written by an American ‘Bill Bryson …if you want to get a ‘flavour’ of this country …read it …it will also have you laughing out loud

I like the outdoors and cities in equal measure ….we have some beautiful rugged landscapes and coastlines ….we also have some vibrant cities …not just London:D:D:D

I love that we have the oldest democracy in the world ….STILL using roads built by the Romans with today’s traffic…and some of the quaint and bizarre foodstuffs are actually very nice ….hmmm there’s a lot of food in there isn’t there ….bacon butties and traditional Sunday dinner too ….and I’m a pescatarian these days…sounds like a swear word doesn’t it?:D:D:D

….and you may find it surprising to see a pic of a certain old lady in there:D:D:D as you might expect …I am not in favour of ‘Royalty’ in principle ….but I do have respect for Liz the woman ….well c’mon she has been around all my life like some kind of distant relative:D:D:D ….she is a woman born in another time ….she didn’t ASK to be born into the position she is in …..the changes she must have seen ….and she’s handled it all beautifully ….PLUS …let’s face it …she doesn’t wield ‘power’ these days ….plus Lizzie …all the paraphanalia and ritual kind of epitomises British eccentricity … ..look at the way she continues to not be seen in public without
wearing a pair of gloves and some crazy hat ….
I personally take folk as I find them …whether a ‘have’ or ‘have not’ ….I would love to meet Ole Liz …have a cuppa and a chat…see her relaxed and maybe make her laugh ….like a dear old relative ….once she’s gone, she’s gone …irreplaceable:)

So ….when all is said and done …I’m STILL asking the question …am I patriotic?

and STILL answering …Yes and No:D:D:D

I said ….we all have a vested interest in where we live don’t we?

The world is changing on many levels …there is global communication thanks to technology and an URGENT need to act to restore, nurture and maintain this beautiful planet for future generations to enjoy

Hmmmmmmm maybe we ALL need to adopt the identity of ‘Global Citizen’ we can celebrate our similarities and our differences …but ‘Patriotism’ doesn’t really enter into it …there’s much bigger fish to fry

…..and I’m laughing again now …think I’d better just get on with the weekend chores:D:D:D

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