The ‘Crush’

So ….it’s been HARD for folks living in towns like this ….plus the seeming ‘attack’ on the ‘public’ sector ….plus the tragedy and subsequent upheaval in my personal life ….Britain IS a small island but there IS a North/South divide ….ludicrous tho that sounds

I’d stopped following the media ….WELL …even reading between the ‘selective’ lines things weren’t looking too good ….I’d laughed with despair at the build up to the general election ….plastic men in suits, seemingly following the ‘same old, same old’ which has led us to the position of ever deepening social divisions and the  aggressive consumerism/capitalism that we have today

I kind of knew there was a leadership contest for the opposition going on …but I wasn’t taking too much notice

Then I heard Jeremy Cobyn was in the running ….I had decided to buy a paper as I used to every weekend …the shop didn’t have ‘my usual’ so I ended up buying a popular Tory rag:D:D:D
My God …there were some revelations that weekend ….but one thing was the way ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ was being reported with SUCH vitriol ….made me think …this might be worth watching ….irony eh?:D:D:D

I watched the labour leadership election results live ….it was AMAZING …even Jezza himself looked amazed that he had won:D:D:D

The next day I went into work and declared I had an almighty ‘crush’ … when I said who with ….there was a kind of BLAAAAAAA as my colleagues both male AND female (and most much younger than myself) erupted:D:D:D The youngsters had been joining the Labour Party in their droves :D:D:D
It was WONDERFUL listening to them:):):):)….who said the young weren’t political?…seems they just needed someone they felt worth getting behind:)

ANYWAY ….ole Jezza has restored a kind of buzz in British politics one way or another:D:D:D
How long it will last? …God knows …but for now it seems there really is an ‘opposition’ to the ‘Old boy’/’Corporate be all and end all ….they’re SERIOUSLY out to get him tho ..discredit him in ANY way they can …interesting times

It began to look like I was developing some kind of bizarre penchant for scruffy grey bearded old men in hats tho:D:D:D

I’d started to think ‘hmmmm ole Jezza’s not bad for 66’:D:D:Dimage

Now I’m not really into ‘celebrity’ but I was starting to worry …I used to quite like Brad Pitt ( Well didn’t everyone?) …So I thought I’d check him out as a kind of antidote to this ridiculousness ………

imageAaaaaaaaaagh!!! ….I googled ‘Brad Pitt 2015’ and THIS is what came up!!!
I’ve noticed beards seem big with young ‘hipsters’ too ….is there some kind of ‘beard revolution’ going on at the mo?
What’s THAT all about I wonder?:D:D:D
WHATEVER ….I REALLY need to keep things in perspective and get a grip:D:D:D

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