….a little Christmas miracle

…… In and among everything going on last week there was a prime example of the dip and rise of a life wave ….albeit a small one

……the first door of advent and the countdown to Christmas begun …….ALWAYS an exciting time …..I LOVE  Christmas , the celebration of the birth of a very special innocent, the sparkle lighting up the otherwise dark days at this time of year, the music , kids ( and myself) getting excited and folks generally being of good spirits.

…..like everywhere else we had booked a place to have a ‘works do’ ……but last week the place we had booked went bust …bad enough for the owners and a disappointment for us too:(

WELL …..it was proving IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere else …..places having been booked up for weeks in advance at this time of year

We had resigned  ourselves to just going to the local pub at lunchtime WHEN ‘ The Tetley’ stepped in!!!!

‘The Tetley’ used to be the head office of a local brewery of that name…a huge Edwardian building which has always been a kind of local landmark …..they still delivered the barrels via horse and drey until it finally closed its doors in 2011


Anyway….it has recently been converted into a contemporary art gallery, and although it already has some fantastic works …they are wanting it to be an ‘inclusive’ place …the aim being to keep this iconic local building very much part of the community… SO ….they are using a whole floor of gallery space to throw a kind of Christmas ‘event’…. they’re calling it ‘The Winter Experience’ whatever THAT means:D:D:D …hmmmm maybe there’s going to be no heating on or something ….anyway theres live music ….a posh menu ….AND WE ARE BEING SQUEEZED IN!!!!…..HURRAH!!!The girls are so excited they are talking of donning ball gowns …..the guys are ummming and ahhhing about Tux:D:D:D

It will be a change from us all stressed out pounding these streets that’s for sure. So next Saturday it’s a case of….

‘Cinders you WILL go to the ball!!!’…
albeit in a converted Industrial building :D:D:D

Hmmmmm …no Prince Charming either ….but I WILL have to leave on the stroke of midnight….. to catch the last train home:D:D:D…hardly a horse and carriage I know but should be fun anyway:D:D:D

….and now to bed and back to the working week for me:)

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