…. Celebrations

Eid … Hanukkah … Christmas ….Divali

Celebrations enjoyed by some of the religions around the world …. and all ethically sound reasons to celebrate when you look at what they are about:)

I guess I was brought up a Christian …of the ‘Non Conformist branch …..probably due to my working class northern British roots ….Mum used to pack us off primped and polished to the local Congregationalist church ….hmmm I think to keep us from ‘under her feet’ of a Sunday:D

But …I grew up in a town which had a mixed population comprising of folks from allover the place and bringing with them part of their own cultural heritage ….Italian, Caribean,Polish,Astonian, Indian, Pakistani ….to list SOME of the mix:D
So this too had a strong influence on me …and I personally feel it’s a POSITIVE and just don’t ‘get’ why others would think it not so ….

In my teens I used to pop to the local Seikh Temple from time to time ….I liked it’s community spirited ‘open door’ policy …found the folks in there incredibly friendly AND you always got a hot meal ….I guess I was a curious teenager and the folks at the time were very accommodating of this kid with lots
of questions:D:D

In my time I have visited various religions places of worship….and am pleased that my own kids have done the same …but this time as part of their general education at school:)
It’s great that kids round here get to learn about each other’s heritage …and hopefully respect the same:)

As an adult also ..As part of a community cohesion event a few yearos ago … I was privileged enough to attend the Friday call to prayer at one of our local mosques …. there WAS something amazing about being witness to this …and I will never forget the experience ….along with many other wonderful experiences during my life thus far:)

SO ….I have the utmost respect for folk who follow a relgion as I feel ALL essentially offer similar in terms of prayer/meditation which in its pure sense provides that ultimate ‘connectness’ …

Thing is with humans being humans …(and let’s face it Christianity doesn’t have the BEST track record)…the essential teachings can be corrupted …and maybe that’s why I choose to follow none …I do try to practice meditation on a daily basis tho
Daily meditation( which I call ‘tuning in to Om:D:D)and practicing ‘the golden rule’ ….that’s it …simple:)

And what I find really sad at the moment is that the rich and powerful of the world seem to be going further down a path of division and destruction …when they should REALLY be asking themselves WHY?
WHY for example are some Muslims finding it more attractive to end their time on this beautiful planet …and in SUCH a devastating way

And WHY are developing nations just a little pissed off about their natural resources having been plundered …the climate is now f..cked ….and yet THEY seem to be the ones being held to account

I’m English …I thoughti we were supposed to be known for being honest …accepting when we have made mistakes….and not being afraid to say SORRY

THEN it might be possible for us ALL to move foreward in a DIFFERENT way

Oh ….I don’t know
Time to make tea and ‘tune in to Ommmm:D:D:D

2 thoughts on “…. Celebrations

    1. Thank you Sunith …..yes ….for me if religion gives people a sense of solace …AND a tolerance of others who may have different views then I’m all for it ….ALL religions offer similar at their core…it’s man that has corrupted along the way.
      I personally hold the view of being intolerant of intolerance WHEREVER it resides tho …..and that includes religious.

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