….further ponderings

……..been thinking
Bill Gates was at the ‘Climate Change’ summit wasn’t he?
And the ‘Facebook’ guy and his beautiful wife of Asian decent announced the birth of their first child with hopes for the future and a generous philanthropic gesture

Hmmmmm …..some would say is it better for the uber rich to set up charities in ‘their’ name or more productive to fund existing proven organisations and/or dare I say ‘pay more taxes’:D:D

STILL …at least they are doing SOMETHING
And …yes …we can ALL try to do our bit ….recycling ….not over consuming …..switching to ‘green energy’ if we can AFFORD to do so ( why is it sooooo expensive to switch???) even lobbying, joining protests and supporting charities/organisations with a green/social agenda

But wouldn’t it be great if someone prominent in the world ….through ‘wealth’ and/or ‘status’ kind of set an example through actually ‘living’ a different more sustainable way:)

Hmmmmm …..I guess prince Charles does to a degree …what with his organic farm for which he was labelled ‘mad’ in the press during the Thatcher years ….there’s his ‘Princes Trust’ as well which is an excellent charity ….he’s always looked a tad uncomfortable with his ‘status’ if you ask me ….at one time he was into the 3 degrees ….I reckon it could have been a lot of fun if he had married one:D:D …..think about it!!!?:D:D

I sometimes wonder what will become of ‘Royalty’ after the queen ….Hmmmmm Harry has the potential to be a ‘bearded hipster’ and maybe shake things up a bit with the choices he might make:D:D:D

And maybe there IS promise there with the Facebook guy and his family ….they’re very young ….look very lovely ….

Hmmmmm ….Yep …. always try to live in hope:D:D:D

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