I kind of enjoyed last night …..it’s always nice catching up with folk and we are soooo damn buzy at work we’re like ships that pass in the night.
AND if I say so myself …we had scrubbed up pretty well:D:D:D

My mind was elsewhere tho…at one point I went off to wander the building …..touching and feeling the warm wood panelled walls upstairs ….taking my shoes off to feel the parquet floor beneath my feet ….the cast iron railings of the banisters and peering down the lift shaft where you could see all the pulleys and workings …..I guess I was admiring the craftsmanship that had gone into building this place ….thinking if cared for and maintained this place is so solidly and beautifully constructed it could last forever ….and speaks of it’s time:)

….have been feeling somewhat ‘restless’ the past 2 years or so ….kind of feeling deeply that the lifestyle I or should I say ‘we’ live is neither ‘sustaining’ or ‘sustainable’ ….it’s not healthy for either us or the planet at large and I am wanting something ‘different’ a ‘better’ way of doing things both for mysemlf and the boys:)

I’ve met a couple of folk fairly recently who have/are living what is termed today ‘Eco lifestyles’….indeed I am following the blog of a family doing so now:)

Oh ….I don’t know …..I just reckon there’s GOT to be a better way of doing things than the current state of things ..

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