The golden dress

So I went to the ball ….in true ‘cinders’ style I had nothing to wear ….I don’t go out to ‘do’s’ very often ……and even less so ones requiring one to be primped and polished

The only thing I had which would kind of fit with our self induced dress code was my wedding dress:D:D …..don’t panic ….this not as daft as it sounds …my wedding ensemble was based on navy blue and cream with a 1930’s theme:D:D:D

It was perhaps a tad ambitious tho as my body has incubated  2 babies since last worn:D:D:D ……didn’t stop me trying tho ….and I DID get it on ….HAH!!!
Thing is ….I could barely breath and the thing was so tight I couldn’t get up from lying on the bed …requiring assistance from the boys:D:D

SO ….I resorted to good old eBay (don’t know how would have managed without the past few years) and purchased ….Ta Da!



The golden dress :D:D

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