….space cont

Last year I was zipping around in my car with the radio on (as per usual during my working week) when an announcement came on stating images coming back from ‘monitoring’ equipment on Mars had NASA scientists baffled!!!
Apparently there were images of an ‘unexplained’ light …..woooo …wooooo

I couldn’t WAIT to get home and pop the news on ….but ….NOTHING
I was completely miffed …and started to think I was going mad as no one else seemed to have heard the story?

So …I googled ‘light spotted on Mars 2014’ and there it was …the NASA images posted with various theories proposed as to what it could be


The one I liked best was that it was a ‘Cosmic Ray’
Now I am NO scientist …but from what I could understand cosmic rays have their source from outside our solar system …their full composition remains a bit of a mystery BUT from what I could understand they are kind of little balls of ‘energy’ that zoom around …usually invisibly but occaisionally showing as ‘light’ when reflected in the lens of camera’s etc
Apparently NASA frequently has problems with them as they tend to knacker their equipment

My god …when I read this …I LOVED the
‘Cosmic Ray’
I think on the whole I’m a fairly ‘good’ person but I do have a slightly ‘impish’ side ….the thought of these little balls of energy baffling some of the worlds greatest scientists and knackering their ‘monitoring’ equipment appealed to that side of me no end:D:D:

It was as tho this ‘cosmic ray’ was saying…
‘Uh oh …..those humans are at it again ….getting above themselves when they REALLY need to focus on getting their OWN house in order ….not screwing up other planets up here as well’

‘Yoo Hoo! ..here I AM …and just for good measure …take THAT with your ‘monitoring’ equipment …get back to your OWN planet …learn to value what you have ….and just …’be’

Hmmmmm ….you know what?
If there IS such a thing as reincarnation I would LOVE to come back as a ‘cosmic ray’ at some point:D:D:D

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