So …THIS week there has been a bit of a ‘ space’ theme

The UK sent astronaut Tim Peak to the ‘international space station’ which zooms around the globe just above the earths atmosphere.


I was chatting to the youngest thinking they might have been doing something about it at school ….

Me …’Hey what do you reckon to Tim Peak?’
Youngest ‘Who?’
Me ‘The British astronaut whose just gone up into space’
Youngest ‘Why?’
Me ‘Well ….erm ….Well ….actually that’s a good question
Youngest ‘Well what’s he going to be doing up there?’
Me ‘Well …I think they carry out scientific experiments and such ….he’s gone to spend the best part of a year on the international space station just above the earths atmosphere ….it’s a big thing …the government have spent a lot of money sending him out there’
Youngest ‘Well I think they could have spent the money better’
Me ‘Hmmmmm …..yes I see your point ….get things on this planet in order first before messing about up there’
Youngest …Yes Mum ..that too …but that’s not what I meant
If your going to send folk into space AT LEAST send them to explore other galaxies far far away
Me ‘Ah yes …it’s the latest Star Wars premiere this week isn’t it?
We won’t be going THIS week …but don’t worry we WILL go’:D:D

….and so we proceeded to sing the Star Wars theme and have an imaginary light sabre fight ….thing is I’m a bit miffed these days as he does a better light sabre impression than me:(


So to everyone out there ….whether on this planet or hanging around in a small metal box above it …

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