…..the first ‘blogging’ christmas

So …..have finished work now until the new year and boy has it been buzy ….our peak times are usually AFTER Christmas and during the summer holidays ….I put that down to being key ‘stress’ periods but ANYWAY

The rituals of tree up….pressies and food bought …. just sitting down now having knocked back a glass of red and chewed on a raw carrot …YES ‘Santa  and Rudolph’ STILL visit this house:D:D ….I LOVE celebrations of any kind, the kids even tho they’re getting older would think there was something wrong with me if stuff didn’t happen…..the way I see it is …we don’t have much but then again a lot more than MANY in this world ….there’s so much to be bleak and negative about that it needs to be balanced …if you can’t actually see any magic/sparkle around you’ve got to try to MAKE IT!!! … Its a DIY job I’m afraid if it ain’t coming from anywhere else:)

And So to ‘blogging’ ….I tentatively started this around October ….thought I was being all 21st century rather than keeping a written diary …and YES it’s probably to maintain my own sanity ….the job I do is pretty stressful …. its not THAT easy working and trying to parent 2 boys single handedly in this crazy world with no extended family support either ……and ….hmmmmm ….yep …maybe the boys MIGHT want to look at it one day and see the kind of mind their Mother had ….god forbid:D:D:D

But ANYWAY ….I’m AMAZED that anyone has actually ‘view’ed it …never mind ‘like’d and ‘follow’ing….can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or a bit scary:D:D:D …but appreciated none the less:)

….and other folks blogs ….there’s some WONDERFUL ones out there …and to those folk I am following …THANKYOU for opening up my world …albeit across the ‘ether’ :D:D:D

there are many different kinds of blogs  I am finding…from very personal day to day thoughts on ‘life’ like mine ….to travel journals, artists showing their work, scientists and journalists blogging and offering REAL alternatives to ‘mass media’ views on current affairs and events. There’s also business ‘corporate’ blogs and let’s not forget to mention the fictional writers and poets out there …..some incredible and wonderful stuff  ….it makes me appreciate how multi layered and creative us humans can be ….just like ANY form of media tho …I am learning that you have to sometimes ‘read between the lines’ :D:D:D ….it’s ALL good tho …as said before I LOVE diversity …and looking at the countries people have connected to my humble little blog from ..it helps reinforce my view that information technology ….and maybe blogging in particular DOES shrink the  world and help us share ideas …..the ‘printing press’ of the 21st century maybe?

So ….I’m off to bed now ….very buzy with ‘festivities’ the next few days  ….but to quote ole Greg ( see previous blog)

‘I wish you a hopeful Christmas …I wish you a brave new year ….

All sorrow, pain and anguish ..leave your heart and let your road be clear’

whoever or wherever you are and whatever ‘religion’ you follow or not ….try to keep ‘faith’ ….we’re in the 21st century ….we’ve got information technology ….it’s time to connect,connect,connect …

God maybe I am some unlikely urban ‘hippy’ ….or maybe a little tipsy on the old red ….or maybe I’m just knackered and need a break ….Whatever
Good night :):):):):):):);)

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