….hope or despair?

What do you see in these images?

Pertinant imagery for Christmas Day 2015 I thought … …middle eastern women with their children seeking refuge ….ring any bells? …if one of these ladies knocked on your door would there be room at the Inn?

Hmmmm wonder if I’m infringing copywrite or something ….no …no …I’m not claiming the pics are mine ….who should ‘portraits’ belong to anyway?
Just thought they were striking photos for today …..food for thought don’t you think?

12 thoughts on “….hope or despair?

  1. You are making me laugh out loud ….I haven’t a CLUE what I’m doing ….just kind of muddle through life …including blogging ….thanks for your comments tho …LOVE your poetry but I’m afraid my attempts at such sound more like Dr Seuss:D:D:D

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    1. Blimey …didn’t expect a ‘share’ back …thankyou anyway …really love what you are doing ..SO many blogs …posts to look at …only been blogging since October ….there’s some amazing stuff out there …got to be careful I don’t get carried away in the Bloggersphere:D:D:D


      1. must have still been asleep!
        never mind
        love that quote
        “Man tiny drops can an ocean make”

        Don’t worry about the world ending today.
        It’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand


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