…..the curve ball

So …..there I was on Sunday eve …glass topped up having had a couple of days bathing in Om’ness and ready to face the year ahead.
Back to the madness of school runs , work etc Monday morning …but generally feeling good.
By lunchtime however, I was feeling knackered again ….thought ‘must book that leave’ …so got the request in at least

Hmmmmm ….but like I said …we’re not really in control of our lives …it can often throw us a curve ball ….Tuesday morning noted a hard pea sized lump just under my jawline at the back …a couple of colleagues had noted I looked tired recently..one had a look and advised getting checked by GP ..thought ‘yeah …ok ..will do later’and carried on as per .now whether it’s psychological or not I don’t know …but this morning it felt bigger and more painful….felt exhausted before I had even started

So rang the GP as soon as they were open but by the time I got thro was informed all slots taken and to try again after 2 for this eve ….rang in work with a view to taking a day of my STILL unused leave but was informed by my lovely manager I had to take it as sick (not as kind as it sounds ….hmmmmm)

So …have just got back …and have to go for blood tests etc in the morning as the doc not sure what it is …not an infection which is what I thought it might be having been so tired lately …Oh, well …we’ll see …doubt it’s anything sinister but nothing I can do about it anyway.

I just HATE being ‘sick’ ….it frustrates me no end …and we get penalised at work for it …as if you don’t feel bad enough already having to take time off

And you know …being at the receiving end today …seeing how packed that surgery was and how late the GP was running … made me think …we’re
ALL pretty ‘sick’
aren’t we?
Getting it VERY wrong somehow ….and YEP I really don’t feel well at the mo …maybe this lifestyle is making me ‘sick’ ….and maybe that little lump has appeared to say
‘Oy ..you …enough already …slow the hell down’
If you don’t do it yourself …your body will do it for you

And this is how ludicrous it is …our GP surgery shuts down completely alt Thursday’s ..why? …to catch up with admin apparently

Evidencing govt targets are being met …it makes you laugh out loud:D:D:D

Hmmmmm ….there’s only one thing for it …luxuriate in a nice radox herbal bath with candles,relaxing music and an early night for me:):):):)

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