…..the bias of mainstream media

Just posting this……..marches in central London against the governments ‘austerity measures’ and the then ‘Health and Social Care Bill’ which later became an act of Parliament enshrined in law.

Now take a look at the folk …. do they look like some kind of ‘enemy’ to you?

I want on a couple of these marches ….THOUSANDS of folk on the ones I went on …some said possibly a million …as big …if not bigger than the one against the Iraq war.

And the mish mash of folk …there were old age pensioners, people with disabilities, Fire Officers, Ambulance Crewe, Teachers, Nursery Nurses, Doctors, NHS and Social Services staff, even representatives of the charitable sector and police officers …..the whole gamut of public sector workers and community members who rely on those services were there ….and despite the numbers …it was all good humoured …a kind of carnival atmosphere( apart from the boo’s passing parliamentand No 10 ….even the police policing it were good humoured ….thing is tho…what folk were/are pissed off about …was that cuts were being made in the wrong places …the reason we had/have ‘austerity’ ( and don’t believe it’s gone away despite what tokens of optimism we get fed in the press)
anyway …the reason for ‘austerity’is due to the banks and large corporations greed …we were all conned …capitalism gone too far …and it ALMOST came tumbling down like a house of cards in the banking crash of 2008 ….and who shored it up?

We did!

And have the banks and major global corporations learned any lessons …apologised for starters …examined themselves and maybe looked at a different way of doing things?


So who is being held to account?

We are!

Are there alternative ways of doing things?

Yes!…alternatives were being proposed at the time.

Were these marches and mass demo’s reported in mainstream media?
Apart from a small article in the Guardian newspaper I saw nothing.

Its a matter of ideology and power my friends.
What sort of world do we want?
I’m not against ‘wealth’ per se …it’s what’s done with it tho ….how much is ‘enough’ and do those of wealth hold any REAL compassion for those who are not as wealthy?

My guess is we are STILL very much sitting on a house of cards …

It ain’t any one nations problem …its global ….but it’s the wealthy nations that are the biggest culprits ….hmmmm where did capitalism start? ……ANYWAY …..like anything else …sometimes we need to take stock ..take a good hard look at ourselves …what is making us ‘sick’?
Apologise where we need to …let go of that which does not ‘feel’ right (and wealthy nations would have to put themselves in other nations shoes here)

Because …only THEN can we move foreward in a different …more healthy direction…for us …yep as ‘global citizens’ ALL of us …and the health of the planet at large

And so endeth the ‘twopenneth’ of the knackered, sick, single Mum living in the north of England:D:D:D

I might be COMPLETELY wrong of course :D:D:D
I don’t feel well …am a bit feverish at the mo
I guess it’s a case of ‘watch this space’:)

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