The ‘Wondergirls’

So …..I think I’ve mentioned the lovely team I work with ….or should I say ‘worked’ with …..we are disbanding at the mo ……anyway …yes …mostly young women ….hmmm just 4 men when I think about it …but anyway ALL pretty strong personalities and very different ….but somehow we gel :):):):)

Anyway last year …one of my colleagues had not long returned from maternity leave ( always an iffy time for women ….and men too really) ….So her birthday was looming and she was feeling a little …..a little ….reflective about the passing years and stages of life:)

So we had a night out in one of those traditional ‘Real Ale’ pubs in the city which tend to be populated by students and artsy types ….we managed to get a corner we could all squash in …all was good.

Now I don’t drink much …the odd glass of wine or 1/2 of bitter or Guinness in social situations….as I said I hate feeling unwell …when I get a little tipsy it doesn’t make me feel happy …rather it makes me tearful and prone to tell everyone I don’t feel well and I love them …which is perhaps a tad embarrassing:D:D:D

ANYWAY …so towards the end of the night I was fine but most were DEFINATELY a bit tipsy:D:D:D

The ‘birthday girl’ kept saying ‘I don’t know who I am any more’ …..and me being me asked her what she meant ….she was saying that although she loved her daughter and husband dearly felt she was loosing herself ….we talked a little about stages of life and what exactly she felt was getting lost …she went on to talk about the person she was in her late teens ….she had LOVED netball …had been captain for her school team and had gone on to play at county level for a number of years ( her passion)

Suffice to say ….by the end of the night we had formed a ‘netball team’ and the ‘birthday girl was elected as captain’

Now ….in the cold light of day it transpired that most of us had not played netball other than occaisionally being forced to play the odd game during PE at school ….mostly under duress …However, we thought it would be a good way of keeping fit, good fun and a way back in to the game for our colleague.

So … our captain organised a ‘friendly’ game after work one night ….I think we were …or certainly I was thinking it would just be a friendly knock about in some community hall or other …..I remember rummaging in my drawers for something to wear and had almost considered wearing my pyjamas untill I descovered an old sad pair of leggings screwed up at the back.

We had raced across the city in the dark and wet after work…arriving at the venue pretty much simultaneously …through the dark and drizzle could be seen a number of cages ….one being FLOODLIT…. there within stood 2 refs in full track suits tutting and looking at their watches surrounded by a group of tall svelt women …arms folded …glaring …..and dressed in full netball kit.

As we tumbled out of our cars and in ….a motley crew in assorted leggings and baggy teeshirts …..the refs just threw us these ‘bibs’ and asked for our team name ….WE DIDN’T HAVE ONE!!!

Too late tho …as we were hastily pulling on our bibs ….PWEEEEEEEEEE!!!! and we were OFF!!!

We were basically just racing around trying to get the ball off the opposing side and in the net

PWEEEEEEEEEE …PWEEEEEEEEE ……that damned whistle kept blowing with shouts of ….’OFFSIDE …..throw in to ‘The Harriers’ …..’FOUL … the Harriers’ ……etc, etc,etc

One colleague kept thinking she was playing basket ball ….making impressive moves to secure the ball and bouncing off to score with a flourish ….only to be Pweeeeeee’ed at:(

As for myself …….weeeeeeeelll…..

I had this woman who was around 6 ft tall and of svelt athletic build ‘marking’ me …..every time I turned around she was THERE ….and whenever I got the ball she stood on tip toes arms outstretched in a kind of arch above me ….being ‘in my face’ was an understatement:D:D:D

I have to confess that netball did not bring out the best in me …..the opposing side (although lovely after the game) were all really sporty and competitive …head girl types if you will (it transpired afterwards we had joined a proper league)

I was getting increasingly frustrated and irritable ….that incessant Pweeeeeeeeee ing and shouting …….’Shit …Shit ….sorry …SORRY’ ….( that’s me by the way …the swearing)

There was a moment tho ….towards the end of the game ……the ball came flying through the air directly towards me … was my chance ….the wet floodlit globe circling in the dark rainy sky heading right at me ….almost in slow motion …Yeeeeeeesssss:):):):):):):):)

Nooooooooo!!!!…… I leapt …that bloody woman launched in from nowhere…….grabbing it in a graceful sweep before landing right in front of me ……

THAT was IT!!!!

I slapped that ball straight out of her hand and did a kind of drop kick …..WELLYING it into the fence!!!!

If it had have been soccer it would have been a GLORIOUS goal …….I think I even raised my arms in triumph imagining the crowds roar:D:D:D:D


I walked off sulking just as the game was coming to a close
To be continued …..

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