Yes ….to me her art speaks of the soul …..

She has been with me most of my adult life …through various phases ….thick and thin

Occaisionally as I go about my daily life a track will just pop in my head …like music does ….I don’t know why music    or songs just pop in like that but they do don’t they?

Anyway today ….there have been 2 tracks popping in ….that I have subsequently had to listen to ….on a loop:D:D:D

When I do this the boys  call it ‘Bjorking’:D:D:D

The first has been ‘All is full of Love ‘…..which usually pops into my head causing me to hum whenever I end up visiting a shopping mall …..I imagine her voice echoing through the tannoy system:D:D:D


If you want to check it out …go to YouTube and look up the version with the above picture:):):):)

The second one is ‘Joga’ ….like most of Bjorks work I find it speaks on many levels …..there is a LOVELY post on YouTube of her performIng this live at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Bjork seems to be a bit like Marmite ….if you ‘get’ her tho you can’t help but fall in love with her I feel.

ANYWAY ….if you have the inclination I hope you ENjOY …and I myself intend to continue ….tra la li li li :D:D

Oh ….and Tan is still there ….the beauty of his words SO precious ..just like Bjork ….something of the soul and there to remain:):):):):):)

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