Simpletons Systems Theory

Now believe it or not …even tho I had virtually no secondary education I DID end up going to University for the professional qualification I needed to do the job I have now.
It has to be said that those were some of the happyiest most carefree years of my life …although completely skint and living on cigarettes and coffee ( Yes I’m an ex smoker) as there did not seem to be enough hours in the day to READ
Even my tutors said I was reading too much:D:D:D

It was also where I met the boys Dad … and we spent the first summer we were together living in a beach hut on Ko Samui:):):):) but I digress:)

So …part of the course was looking at socio/political theory

One time we were in the lecture hall listening to one of the tutors lecture on ‘Systems Theory’ …he was talking about the interrelation of the family unit(as one system) and society at large or the political structure (as another system)
He was struggling to get his point across (we were vocational students not academics after all) when I had a kind of Eurika moment:D:D:D

I stuck my hand up and said..
‘Am I right in thinking that a comparison to the interrelation of the family unit as a system and wider society, including political structure as another …can be made with human biology…whereby the different systems of the body both influence and need each other to maintain the functioning whole even down to cellular level and the process of osmosis’

‘Correct!!!’ said the tutor

Causing everyone to look at me open mouthed and my future husband (who was sat in front of me)to say incredulously
‘Where the hell did THAT come from!!!:D:D:D

And to this day I don’t know it just did!!!:D:D

It was like winning the poetry competition for ‘Peter the Panda’ all over again:D:D:D

But you know what? …I’ve LOVED ‘Systems Theory’ ever since …it makes perfect sense to me …and you can take it to any level and apply it to any system

From the single cell …and the building blocks of all biological life forms

Chemical and molecular structures

The natural environment and weather systems

The earths atmosphere and planet itself and its interrelation to the wider solar system

On a socio/political level you can also throw corporate systems or technology and global communication into the mix

You can take it as minute or as large as you like ..
the key is that Osmotic process …the importance of communication back and forth to maintain equilibrium …maintain the balancer or healthy functioning ….not just the sum of the parts but the WHOLE and vice versa

Don’t think about it too hard though …or your brain will go BHAM!!!!:D:D:D

It’s a good theory tho

It’s Yogic if you like:)

And so we have another example of my ponderings of things which I really have no business to …leave it to the academics and scientists ….Hmmmmmmmm ….but why?

Think I’ll add a ‘science’ tag to this tho …see if someone will clarify further as its a fascinating theory for how things operate and leads to greater understanding of the world and its complex functions.

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