The ‘Wondergirls’ Pt 2

…..after that first match we were an assortment of ripped leggings, grazed knees, hands and elbows, a black eye which tuned into two and one colleague had a blackened toenail requiring treatment at A&E …it involved piercing thro the nail with a sharp implement to release the blood beneath apparantly …ANYWAY she could not get a shoe on for the best part of a week!!! …..

This story is not fiction by the way it is absolutely true!!! …..Did you know Netball was such an aggressive game? No! ….neither did I:D:D:D

So …our now black eyed captain rallied the troupes to talk STRATEGY!!!

She was very good it has to be said, managing to both force home the point that the first game had been a mitigated DISASTER!! whilst at the same time making us feel how well we had done ………..considering:D:D:D

However, ACTION was most definately required AND we had to come up with a team name by the end of the day!

At lunchtime she managed to grab a few minutes to get on the leagues website to try to suss out EXACTLY what kind of league we had joined and the teams that played therein …and it was whilst doing this she descovered that the upcoming fixture list had already been done and we had been named ‘The Wondergirls’:D:D:D

This caused much hilarity …..we work from the top floor of an old textile mill …a lovely old stone building actually with tall ceiling height Windows ….and it’s a high ceiling …ANYWAY …it’s a large area used as an open plan hub for a number of public service teams.

Of course our wider circle of colleagues couldn’t fail to notice the injuries and were inquisitive to know what had been going on.

It was with great amusement they descovered said injuries had been sustained playing a game of netball and we had not in fact been battling in some kind of war zone.

A number of them urged us not to continue BUT prompted by the enthusiasm of our captain we were RESOLUTE!!!!

Once they found out our team name as well we were subject to MUCH ribbing ….the general view being that the refs must have ‘Wondered where the HELL we had come from …and what on earth we were doing there:D:D:D:D
There’s more to come …..

7 thoughts on “The ‘Wondergirls’ Pt 2

        1. Have been on a bit of a ‘blog roll’ this weekend …but no ..have no idea why that is …your the 2nd person …the other said there is nothing on ‘Mallam cove’ :D:D
          Of course I haven’t really a clue what I’m doing other than click and post???:D:D
          Same to you …still to get round to a proper read of your mine craft story in and among …keep forgetting about the weekend chores tho:D:D:D

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Did you change the blog name or anything?

            I like your posts, keep going. Ill be writing more Minecraft stories. Not just for you, but we can pretend right? You like Mine craft, or just my stories?
            Is your name Fijay? Where are you from? I’m from the UK myself.


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