‘Fitting In’

I’ve always felt I didn’t quite ‘fit in …..is that an arrogance? …..Does anyone else feel that? …..Do we ALL?

I seem to get on well with folk ….but it’s a kind of ….flit …flit …hover ….flit ….flit ….hover, hover …flit,flit,flit

Folk always seem to ‘include’ me and I usually go with it …particularly if it’s a ‘celebration’ of some kind ..and I always try to make events/celebrations special for the boys:):):):)

I am not what you would call a ‘party animal’ tho by ANY stretch of the imagination.

I’ve thought about this before …I think the term is ‘social introvert’ ……Yes …I like people but don’t have that ‘need’ to be around them all the time …I NEED periods of solitude tho and am quite happy with this which I feel sometimes folk struggle to comprehend

I was one of four siblings ….the third child …hmmmm it’s often cited that they are a bit ‘iffy’ ….I wonder if that’s what it is?

And yes …as a kid I kind of got on well with folk at school and roundabout mostly …got on with both the girls AND the boys and didnt ‘get’ why they tended to group off….still it came in handy …when you got bored of what one group were doing you could wander off to see what the other was up to ….and if nothing much of interest going on …pop off to see the gypsy horses in the scrub field down the way ….calling at Mollie’s shop on route for any stale cakes she was about to throw out.

I’m laughing now …thinking …how did THAT start? …Hmmm think it was because she had a ‘penny tray’ from where I bought ‘Bazooka Joe’a’ ….(Yep am a mean bubble blower and the boys have not surpassed me on that one YET! ….oh the important lifeskills I teach them:D:D:D
Anyway ….yes …she used to give me stale cake to feed the horses( probably not the BEST equine diet but hey:D:D:D ….always with the warning not to eat any myself …to which I would reply ‘No …of course not’:D:D:D;)

Anyway …yes..I’m sidetracking …where was I …oh yes ..being ‘liked’ …or maybe it was ‘tolerated’:D:D:D but not quite ‘fitting in’

Hmmmmm ….and maybe at the time I did look a little odd:D:D:D
My Mum had all my hair cut off ..very short …it was because I was always whinging and pulling away as she worked down the ‘hairbrush ing line’ of a morning:D:D:D

My god:D:D:D …I can still see my 8 year old self scowling into the hairdressers mirror all trussed up in one those nylon sheets or whatever they are …the pretty smiling hairdresser snipping away telling me how modern and stylish I was going to look ….Hmmmmmmm:D:D:D

God I didn’t 1/2 sulk ….fortunately a friends Dad gave me his old army bush hat to cheer me up untill it had grown a bit ….I didn’t take it off …for YEARS!!:D:D:D

Then one day …I think this was Mr Kellets class actually when I think about it …we went on a school trip to Mallam Cove ..my precious old bush hat blew off when we reached the top …I was scrambling back down to get it when I was YANKED into the air and back up by one of Mr Wards great big shovel hands.

To say I was distraught and moody is a GROSS understatement …I guess now I’m thinking …I wonder if anyone found it?
I hope they did ….I hope it was another kid who would appreciate it …it was covered in an impressive collection of button badges by that time it has to be said:)
Just think …they could be still wearing it NOW!!? …it was a little on the large side after all …I hope they are:):):):):)

Yes …as I’m thinking that I’m smiling ….nice thought anyway:):):):)

‘The old bush hat lives on’:D:D:D

Maybe it’s had a FEW owners between then and now? ….IMAGINE THAT!!!?
There could be a story in there could’nt there?
Is this how folk come up with stories???

My God!!! ….I think my brains about to go BHAM …and I haven’t washed up yet!!??


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