The ‘Wondergirls’ Pt 3

So ….we needed to get some SERIOUS practice in!!!

This was last winter ….the evenings were dark and we mostly work well into them anyway …lunch hours are a thing of ancient history …..we therefore had just ONE weekend to get to grips with the ‘rules’ of the game and formulate ourselves into a fully functioning netball team worthy of our title:D:D:D

There were some hurdles to get over regarding this …..a major one being that most of us have families and everything that entails. However, undeterred we agreed to meet at a public park with a netball court which was commutable distance and bring along any offspring we could not otherwise offload:D:D:D

Now this isn’t as bad as it sounds ….we had enough in the team to always have a ‘sub’ so we took it in turns to occupy the children whose age range went from babies to pre teens.

God we put the work in that weekend …..we were there HOURS ….practicing the different positions to see who was best at what …and being instructed by our captain what we could and could’nt do.

Now it’s a little known fact about our captain that she was once an ‘extra’ in a thriller movie…apparantly she had been told she secured the part as it was felt she had ‘the dead eyes of a shark’:D:D:D…..I had never seen this myself ……untill that weekend!!!!

Don’t worry …she knows I love her to bits ….and you know what? …that girl will go FAR in life …a managing director or something in a few years time SERIOUSLY!

Unlike myself of course who has drifted through life mostly Tra la li ing having the odd  ill thought out spark  which has produced varying degrees of success ……….or not:D:D:D            Anyway …I digress.

So ….by the end of that gruelling weekend we were all fired up and had been given our ‘positions’ to swat up on. I had been given the position of ‘Wing Attack’


Yes …Yes …I know …my thoughts entirely.  When I swotted up I thought …’Hang on a minute’  ….’Make no wonder I feel to be doing a lot of running about’ ….’I’m probably old enough to be some of these girls Mother for gods sake ….is there not a more sedentary position I can play’ ……’the goalies barely move!!!!’

I put this to my captain at the first available opportunity ….to which her response was ‘NO!!!’ …….God she can be forthright that one!!!

So ‘Wingabloodytack’ it was!:D:D:D

Oh ….and it has to be said that the children were AMAZING!!! …they had never met before yet played for HOURS …the older ones helped with the younger ones …they didn’t get all bored and irritable ….just slightly bemused about what their Mothers were DOING!!!:D:D:D
Final installment to follow

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