I realise I’m developing some kind of  Blogaddiction …..a heady mix of ‘take in’ ….’put out’ …..with random thoughts going ‘click’ ‘click’ …..BHAM in between:D:D:D

It’s like there’s a whirling  cyber ‘thought’ universe  circling the globe in the ether.

I imagine if there’s something out there able to look down on it …you know ….with an intelligence we will never comprehend ….hmmmmm may be the ‘cosmic ray’ or something ….it  will be looking at it thinking ‘BLIMEY’ what are this lot up to NOW!!???

Thing is …..although I could happily spend the rest of my life in pyjamas …Eric in hand …I have more earthly matters to attend to ….like my kids, my job and running a house ….so I really need to shift focus for a while

So today I need to get dressed and crack on:D:D:D

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