Back to the madness ….

Ok ….to say I hit the ground running today’s an understatement ….managed to catch a LITTLE office time this afternoon tho:)

A date now set for the loss of 2 more ‘wondergirls’ …..that’s 5 in total since October:(
At least it’s been acknowledged we need agency cover ….we CANT meet all the demands ….and it’s looking frankly DANGEROUS

In comes M looking distinctly dishevelled and weary ….flops down at the computer opposite mine …  ruffles his hair ….peers over and says …..’Can’t take any more of this shit …I’m looking for out …’s  like it’s deliberate …..we’re just being screwed man’

and I don’t know what to say ….because I feel the same but can’t so I just kind of  nod in sympathy ….I think I say ‘Noooooooo’

I view M like a big kid brother ….all 6’4″ big beardie, bearie, swearing, wookie looking, rugby playing, irritable, wildly funny, bag kicking, phone throwing, stomping, considerate, caring male nurse with a Star Wars bag and r2d2 ring tone:)

Although much younger than myself we started here around the same time ….before the last reconfiguration we worked from what had been a cupboard in one of those shabby but  ‘functional’ 1970s buildings:D:D…..just 2 desks facing a beige woodchipped wall ….SERIOUSLY … thought we were in heaven when we landed in ‘The Mill’ ….it had windows ….HUGE ones:D:D

It was during my marital breakdown AND the call off of his then engagement ….NOT a happy cupboard at times:D:D…but managed to laugh and pull thro:)

But I don’t know how to get thro this one …..I CANT go just yet……I have a 2 year plan …..will I make it tho?
Make no wonder I feel like I’m about to step off some kind of precipice …..I don’t know what the future holds

Feel theres that 2 year line JUST in front now ….I’m almost there ….I can see it ….but theres a great big gavel hovering above ….waiting to come down on my head

Feel I’m running to beat the gavel ….will I make it?….keep running ….keep running ….you can see it ….you can see it …..faster,faster …BEAT that bloody gavel
…your NOT a hampster on a wheel!!

…..and now I need to get changed, grab some tea and chill:)

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