Oops ….I now see why Mr Ward YANKED me like he did ….


I’m sorry Mr Ward …I always DID like you as a teacher but my childhood self could not forgive you …..think I can now …and probably owe you a THANKYOU for potentially saving my life:D:D:D
God ….I wouldn’t be a schoolteacher for all the tea in China would you? …..BIG respect:)

I’ve always felt I didn’t quite ‘fit in …..is that an arrogance? …..Does anyone else feel that? …..Do we ALL?

I seem to get on well with folk ….but it’s a kind of ….flit …flit …hover ….flit ….flit ….hover, hover …flit,flit,flit

Folk always seem to ‘include’ me and I usually go with it …particularly if it’s a ‘celebration’ of some kind ..and I always try to make events/celebrations special for the boys:):):):)

I am not what you would call a ‘party animal’ tho by ANY stretch of the imagination.

I’ve thought about this before …I think the term is ‘social introvert’ ……Yes …I like people but don’t have that ‘need’ to be around them all the time …I NEED periods of solitude tho and am quite happy with this which I feel sometimes folk struggle to comprehend

I was one of four siblings ….the third child …hmmmm it’s often cited that they are a bit ‘iffy’ ….I wonder if that’s what it is?

And yes …as a kid I kind of got on well with folk at school and roundabout mostly …got on with both the girls AND the boys and didnt ‘get’ why they tended to group off….still it came in handy …when you got bored of what one group were doing you could wander off to see what the other was up to ….and if nothing much of interest going on …pop off to see the gypsy horses in the scrub field down the way ….calling at Mollie’s shop on route for any stale cakes she was about to throw out.

I’m laughing now …thinking …how did THAT start? …Hmmm think it was because she had a ‘penny tray’ from where I bought ‘Bazooka Joe’a’ ….(Yep am a mean bubble blower and the boys have not surpassed me on that one YET! ….oh the important lifeskills I teach them:D:D:D
Anyway ….yes …she used to give me stale cake to feed the horses( probably not the BEST equine diet but hey:D:D:D ….always with the warning not to eat any myself …to which I would reply ‘No …of course not’:D:D:D;)

Anyway …yes..I’m sidetracking …where was I …oh yes ..being ‘liked’ …or maybe it was ‘tolerated’:D:D:D but not quite ‘fitting in’

Hmmmmm ….and maybe at the time I did look a little odd:D:D:D
My Mum had all my hair cut off ..very short …it was because I was always whinging and pulling away as she worked down the ‘hairbrush ing line’ of a morning:D:D:D

My god:D:D:D …I can still see my 8 year old self scowling into the hairdressers mirror all trussed up in one those nylon sheets or whatever they are …the pretty smiling hairdresser snipping away telling me how modern and stylish I was going to look ….Hmmmmmmm:D:D:D

God I didn’t 1/2 sulk ….fortunately a friends Dad gave me his old army bush hat to cheer me up untill it had grown a bit ….I didn’t take it off …for YEARS!!:D:D:D

Then one day …I think this was Mr Kellets class actually when I think about it …we went on a school trip to Mallam Cove ..my precious old bush hat blew off when we reached the top …I was scrambling back down to get it when I was YANKED into the air and back up by one of Mr Wards great big shovel hands.

To say I was distraught and moody is a GROSS understatement …I guess now I’m thinking …I wonder if anyone found it?
I hope they did ….I hope it was another kid who would appreciate it …it was covered in an impressive collection of button badges by that time it has to be said:)
Just think …they could be still wearing it NOW!!? …it was a little on the large side after all …I hope they are:):):):):)

Yes …as I’m thinking that I’m smiling ….nice thought anyway:):):):)

‘The old bush hat lives on’:D:D:D

Maybe it’s had a FEW owners between then and now? ….IMAGINE THAT!!!?
There could be a story in there could’nt there?
Is this how folk come up with stories???

My God!!! ….I think my brains about to go BHAM …and I haven’t washed up yet!!??


So ….we needed to get some SERIOUS practice in!!!

This was last winter ….the evenings were dark and we mostly work well into them anyway …lunch hours are a thing of ancient history …..we therefore had just ONE weekend to get to grips with the ‘rules’ of the game and formulate ourselves into a fully functioning netball team worthy of our title:D:D:D

There were some hurdles to get over regarding this …..a major one being that most of us have families and everything that entails. However, undeterred we agreed to meet at a public park with a netball court which was commutable distance and bring along any offspring we could not otherwise offload:D:D:D

Now this isn’t as bad as it sounds ….we had enough in the team to always have a ‘sub’ so we took it in turns to occupy the children whose age range went from babies to pre teens.

God we put the work in that weekend …..we were there HOURS ….practicing the different positions to see who was best at what …and being instructed by our captain what we could and could’nt do.

Now it’s a little known fact about our captain that she was once an ‘extra’ in a thriller movie…apparantly she had been told she secured the part as it was felt she had ‘the dead eyes of a shark’:D:D:D…..I had never seen this myself ……untill that weekend!!!!

Don’t worry …she knows I love her to bits ….and you know what? …that girl will go FAR in life …a managing director or something in a few years time SERIOUSLY!

Unlike myself of course who has drifted through life mostly Tra la li ing having the odd  ill thought out spark  which has produced varying degrees of success ……….or not:D:D:D            Anyway …I digress.

So ….by the end of that gruelling weekend we were all fired up and had been given our ‘positions’ to swat up on. I had been given the position of ‘Wing Attack’


Yes …Yes …I know …my thoughts entirely.  When I swotted up I thought …’Hang on a minute’  ….’Make no wonder I feel to be doing a lot of running about’ ….’I’m probably old enough to be some of these girls Mother for gods sake ….is there not a more sedentary position I can play’ ……’the goalies barely move!!!!’

I put this to my captain at the first available opportunity ….to which her response was ‘NO!!!’ …….God she can be forthright that one!!!

So ‘Wingabloodytack’ it was!:D:D:D

Oh ….and it has to be said that the children were AMAZING!!! …they had never met before yet played for HOURS …the older ones helped with the younger ones …they didn’t get all bored and irritable ….just slightly bemused about what their Mothers were DOING!!!:D:D:D
Final installment to follow

…..after that first match we were an assortment of ripped leggings, grazed knees, hands and elbows, a black eye which tuned into two and one colleague had a blackened toenail requiring treatment at A&E …it involved piercing thro the nail with a sharp implement to release the blood beneath apparantly …ANYWAY she could not get a shoe on for the best part of a week!!! …..

This story is not fiction by the way it is absolutely true!!! …..Did you know Netball was such an aggressive game? No! ….neither did I:D:D:D

So …our now black eyed captain rallied the troupes to talk STRATEGY!!!

She was very good it has to be said, managing to both force home the point that the first game had been a mitigated DISASTER!! whilst at the same time making us feel how well we had done ………..considering:D:D:D

However, ACTION was most definately required AND we had to come up with a team name by the end of the day!

At lunchtime she managed to grab a few minutes to get on the leagues website to try to suss out EXACTLY what kind of league we had joined and the teams that played therein …and it was whilst doing this she descovered that the upcoming fixture list had already been done and we had been named ‘The Wondergirls’:D:D:D

This caused much hilarity …..we work from the top floor of an old textile mill …a lovely old stone building actually with tall ceiling height Windows ….and it’s a high ceiling …ANYWAY …it’s a large area used as an open plan hub for a number of public service teams.

Of course our wider circle of colleagues couldn’t fail to notice the injuries and were inquisitive to know what had been going on.

It was with great amusement they descovered said injuries had been sustained playing a game of netball and we had not in fact been battling in some kind of war zone.

A number of them urged us not to continue BUT prompted by the enthusiasm of our captain we were RESOLUTE!!!!

Once they found out our team name as well we were subject to MUCH ribbing ….the general view being that the refs must have ‘Wondered where the HELL we had come from …and what on earth we were doing there:D:D:D:D
There’s more to come …..

:)Here are just a few of some of my favorite photographs I have taken over the past few years! I hope you do enjoy!

Source: Photography


I am just finding my way around THIS blog!!!!

Again …came across just over 24hrs ago …..’came across’ being the understatement of the century …..more like slapped in the face with TRUE awe and wonder at the images

Check it out …..I can’t describe it other than …BREEEEEEATHING!!!!!…….

Natures harmony …..it’s what it’s ALL about:):):):):):):)




Aitzaz Hasan-These sons are not for sale!

Aitzaz Hasan-These sons are not for sale!

I found this blog via the story above ……the Blogersphere can be amazing can’t it?

Just check out this guys site ….his works and what he does……I feel like in just 24hrs I have made 2 ‘soul connections’ just via the printed word across the ether:D:D:D

Feels like ….

There IS hope ……..We CAN work towards a sustaining and sustainable future for ALL and the planet at large …..’Little drops an ocean can make’ …..and technology is a WONDERFUL tool to help us ALL connect:)

OK ….so I might be getting a little carried away ….but being pretty new to this blogging milarkey it is like a whole new world has opened up and I’m maybe not as insane as I thought I was:D:D:D

BooKs by cRaig loCk

Source: Aitzaz Hasan-These sons are not for sale!






Together, one mind, one heart, one life, one small step at a time, let’s link hands and march into a new tomorrow, a better and brighter future. TOGETHER we can do it”

– c from http://www.craigsquotes.wordpress.com

TOGETHER, one mind, one heart, one soul, one small step at a time, we can make some difference towards a better world, a brighter tomorrow


Good morning sunshine , NU


“The clouds break, like sun-kissed waves in the sky” #

# that’s a simile, by the way (btw)

Picture (great) by my old friend John (“the world’s third worst photographer”, so he calls himself), but whose photographic talents I definitely  do NOT possess)!
web sites:

web sites





and www.awritersdreams.wordpress.com

Shared by “the world’s absolutely worst photographer”

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Source: Aitzaz Hasan-These sons are not for sale!

This is a post from a blogger in Pakistan I am following …sometimes there are preconceived ideas and prejudice about young Muslim men particularly from Pakistan here in the West.

i believe this young man’s blog is an example of the next generation communicating  through the Internet a more balanced but realistic view  ….through his life living in Pakistan….how often do we really get to hear voices like his in mainstream media?

Now believe it or not …even tho I had virtually no secondary education I DID end up going to University for the professional qualification I needed to do the job I have now.
It has to be said that those were some of the happyiest most carefree years of my life …although completely skint and living on cigarettes and coffee ( Yes I’m an ex smoker) as there did not seem to be enough hours in the day to READ
Even my tutors said I was reading too much:D:D:D

It was also where I met the boys Dad … and we spent the first summer we were together living in a beach hut on Ko Samui:):):):) but I digress:)

So …part of the course was looking at socio/political theory

One time we were in the lecture hall listening to one of the tutors lecture on ‘Systems Theory’ …he was talking about the interrelation of the family unit(as one system) and society at large or the political structure (as another system)
He was struggling to get his point across (we were vocational students not academics after all) when I had a kind of Eurika moment:D:D:D

I stuck my hand up and said..
‘Am I right in thinking that a comparison to the interrelation of the family unit as a system and wider society, including political structure as another …can be made with human biology…whereby the different systems of the body both influence and need each other to maintain the functioning whole even down to cellular level and the process of osmosis’

‘Correct!!!’ said the tutor

Causing everyone to look at me open mouthed and my future husband (who was sat in front of me)to say incredulously
‘Where the hell did THAT come from!!!:D:D:D

And to this day I don’t know it just did!!!:D:D

It was like winning the poetry competition for ‘Peter the Panda’ all over again:D:D:D

But you know what? …I’ve LOVED ‘Systems Theory’ ever since …it makes perfect sense to me …and you can take it to any level and apply it to any system

From the single cell …and the building blocks of all biological life forms

Chemical and molecular structures

The natural environment and weather systems

The earths atmosphere and planet itself and its interrelation to the wider solar system

On a socio/political level you can also throw corporate systems or technology and global communication into the mix

You can take it as minute or as large as you like ..
the key is that Osmotic process …the importance of communication back and forth to maintain equilibrium …maintain the balancer or healthy functioning ….not just the sum of the parts but the WHOLE and vice versa

Don’t think about it too hard though …or your brain will go BHAM!!!!:D:D:D

It’s a good theory tho

It’s Yogic if you like:)

And so we have another example of my ponderings of things which I really have no business to …leave it to the academics and scientists ….Hmmmmmmmm ….but why?

Think I’ll add a ‘science’ tag to this tho …see if someone will clarify further as its a fascinating theory for how things operate and leads to greater understanding of the world and its complex functions.