A deserted British beach in Febuary ….


Yep ……this is where I have been …..breeeeeeeathing ….just for a few days …..and yes yes I know ….we ALL breath ALL the time …but there is something about that clear but blustery Febuary sky and the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves that feels like your actually breathing in sync with the planet …it’s that ‘connectedness’ again that’s it so easy to loose sight of in day to day modern life …or maybe it’s because we loose sight of it from time to time we appreciate it more …… ANYWAY …..



Just a few days ….this time of year kind of like that space between an inhale/exhale ….strirrings going on beneath the earth before spring bursts through in all her vibrancy …. feeling nature doing its thing:)

…..and for me personally? …. much needed solitude interspersed with a little special time in special company ….food for thought and inspiration

However, as ever …. got up this morning to messages re pressures re urban demands and responsibilities

So be it …this is my life at present:)

11 thoughts on “A deserted British beach in Febuary ….

    1. Thankyou … just quick snaps in the moment:)
      Thanks for ‘following’ too ….it’s a ‘mutual’ loved your birthday cake in particular ‘revels’ THE best …it’s the element of suprise …hmmmm orange or toffee?:D:D:D

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  1. I love to stand at the edge of the ocean and feel the “connectedness” that it brings. I didn’t get there enough when I lived near it, but when we go back to visit, I just stand there and breathe it in 🙂 It looks like a wonderful beach.

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    1. Thanks Craig ……don’t get chance to visit them too often tho ……but yes …something about a deserted beach and at this time of year …….inspirational as you say ……certainly a breathing space at least:):):):):):):):):)

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