….an ‘inspirational’ post script 

during my few days away had a couple of chance meetings ….the catalyst being thro another initial chance meeting which led to me visiting that particular part of the country ( where I had not visited before) in the first place 🙂

One was an extremely inspirational speaker whose interests are natural history and space … passionate about their subjects of interest from a very young age AND a skilled creative artist to boot they are currently training to be a teacher ….the sticking point being they were rubbish at Maths at school so are now …at a ripe old age …..studying for the Maths GCSE which previously eluded their younger self …….thing is having met and subsequently been to one of their presentations just KNOW they will be a FABULOUS teacher ….particularly of that year just before kids leave for high school ….hmmmm or maybe teachers like that are actually NEEDED in high school …..bursting with knowledge, enthusiasm and able to communicate in a way that is natural, conversational and filled with humour …..encouraging folk to ask ‘why? ….’how? ….THATS education in my book:)

Hmmmmm …….and as for the maths ….I was pretty rubbish at that too but am following an AMAZING blog by a mathmetician in Canada called ‘Maths With Bad Drawings’ which gets over the concepts in a highly amusing way ….even I ‘get’ it often laughing out loud at the posts…..PLUS he kindly checked out and ‘liked’ my ‘Simpletons Systems Theory’ post …..I was WELL chuffed re THAT:D:D:D

The other chance meeting was a chap ….again with an unusual history ….tinged with both joyous times AND tragedy ….whose passions include natural history, environmentalism, and socialism …..this chap was an ex teacher turned e’bay entrepreneur in its hey day, caring and compassionate family man ….who appears to have more recently wandered the globe on a pushbike spotting and giving talks on rare birds AND 18 months ago found himself in the Peruvian rain forest helping a floundering ‘education’ charityfor local children.

It’s was THIS that captured my interest ….he explained about the rare habitat and that in recent years an Oil company has bought up great swathes of the Rain Forest ( for peanuts really)not only is it mowing down trees at a phenomenal rate BUT the most sinister part was that the children were regularly supplied with ‘goodie bags’by the company WHICH include a comic with a ‘Superhero’ who appears to propogate ‘western values’ ……as we speak …this guy is trying to buy back some of this land AND with local people who were not happy re the whole carry on …reclaim and maintain the school with education based on environmental and social principles more in tune with the local lifestyle but incorporating science/technology as they are wanting to keep abreast of what is going on in the world …and I tell you what ….those kids ….with their simple lifestyle certainly LOOK a lot happier than a lot of ours on the photos and film clips:)
Let’s just hope they hold on before being sold out completely like the rest of us

I would reblog his blog but don’t know how as its not on WordPress and not sure I should without permission. It’s DEFINATELY going to be a charity I support tho

Chance meetings are amazing sometimes aren’t they?

I’ve had a few PARTICULARLY interesting ones the past 18 months ……remarkable really ….will blog some more about this maybe

I guess what I am trying to say ……..and I am only just really acknowledging this myself …..is that  ‘education’ is NOT just about about passing exams ….it’s about a passion for a subject/subjects ……..being open ……..learning is lifelong …….I guess we never know where it might lead but that’s irrelevant really ….it’s the pleasure of learning and ‘appreciating’ in itself ……..it doesn’t HAVE to be ‘hard slog’ …..keeping it simple, related to, not against a sustaining and sustainable ‘life’ …..allowing the creative mind to flow ….ask why? ….and how? …….THIS is education …..and if we are lucky it might actually lead to positive change of some kind:)

It’s bloody brave tho to step off and flow against the current tide ……BUT these amazing people I have been privelaged enough to meet lately show it CAN be done:)

So …I guess if you feel you’ve screwed up …..maybe experienced/experiencing tragedy ……stay ‘open’ ….notice the dandilion in the crack in the pavement

Is it a weed to be killed or a bright yellow flower battling adverse growth conditions …….and who knows ……..weeeeeeeelllll we ALL know what happens when dandilions are left unchecked:D:D:D;)

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