The ‘disconnection’ of youth

So ….if as adults we find ourselves feeling this way from time to time …how much more so do the young

Leaving behind the safety ( for most) of childhood …..the warmth and security of family life ….the fun and nurturing of primary school ….being alive to the awe and wonder of the world  ….living in the moment

It seems  ….as soon as high school hits the ‘pressure’ is on ….is it REALLY about ‘education’ or measurements and stats? … seems to me (like the rest of the public sector) kids education has been overtaken by schools needing to meet government targets ….hmmmmm I guess it’s no bad thing having goals and targets ….it depends what they are about tho … for many kids the pressure to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives at aged 14 coupled with meeting the set ‘targets’ and punished if they don’t can lead to them giving up

This coupled with anything going on in their personal life at this age ….death of a loved one …or family break down say can spell disaster with much confusion, insecurity and fear ….

They look to the world around them for some kind of let’s face it ALL teens go through an element of ‘where do I fit in?’

So …looking to the world around them …what do they see?
‘You MUST look like THIS’
‘Have THIS …no …not THAT ….THAT marks you out as a failure …WORTHLESS ….it HAS to be THIS ….oh and this ….and THIS ….oh dear no ….you got the last model no WRONG …failed AGAIN it’s THIS one now’
‘How much?’
‘Well THAT doesn’t matter ….if you don’t want to fail you’ve GOT to have THAT’

Of course I know there are some kids who see through this bollocks ….and some kids who are from wealthy enough backgrounds to have it and maybe have privelages to get them thro even if they DO flunk school ….but what about the rest?
How do they deal with this kind of pressure?

Hmmmmmmm…..numb with drugs and alcohol ….starting as a pleasurable social escape with peers ….but the danger being it turning to sad and solitary addiction ….
having to resort to criminality to maintain the ‘escape’ ….further exclusion …and further criminality to fill the void ….a career of some sorts

The tragedy of wasted lives and wasted talents …..things need to change ….but how?
Is it a lifestyle ‘choice’?

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