The stark reality sometimes …

Ok arrived to the daily Crisis Meeting this am which has become a NECCESARY yet unsatisfactory approach  due to the cutbacks leading to inability to do any kind of proactive work so ‘Crisis’ occurring thick and fast 

ANYWAY the main news today was that a single mum of 3 children under 3 …the youngest being 4 weeks old ….partner having left……and anxieties re Mum experiencing what’s called in the trade ‘postpartum psychosis’ …..had gone ‘MISSING’ with the children …….

SILENCE in what is usually quite a fast paced dynamic meeting ….Don’t want to say much more really ….just blogging to remember the feeling in the room …I’m sure you can imagine ……’postpartum psychosis’ is an IMMENSELY sad yet potentially dangerous thing 

Eventually ….this afternoon …things turned out ….ok ish ……will be lots of fallout for the Mum tho …when ‘reality’ hits ….and the implications of what has happened ….it’s repairable tho ….maybe ….if she works with folk and can get over the associated stigma:)
Fingers crossed:)

This is a downside of the job ….shit happens …thankfully rarely …but becoming more common hence the daily morning meeting …..but when time is spent ticking irrelevant boxes about folks ability to stop smoking for example ….plus reconfigured ‘systems’ that make it nigh on impossible to communicate and get the relevant information it REALLY doesn’t help …
That wasn’t the situation here tho in the end ….various agencies pulled together ( largely communicating by phone) and there were no deaths ….this time …..the little family scattered to the four winds tho:(

Made me think ….in many cultures women who have just given birth are nurtured for months …encouraged to rest and bond with the baby …that’s it ….everything else pretty much taken care of …..I reckon there’s a lot to be said for that ….so many people in urban areas live such lives of isolation ….even here in days gone by women used to stay in hospital for at least a week after giving birth ….ok there’s the natural childbirth folk …and that’s fine …BUT it’s not the way for everyone ….it’s largely due to medical interventions that maternal and child deaths have been reduced …hmmm 

I have deep respect for the people we work with ….so does the rest of the wonderful and rapidly depleting team ….but you HAVE to always be mindful of risk ….particularly when children are involved …

One day I might write more about my working life …probably when I have moved on ….created some distance …it is INCREDIBLY full on these days ….I will ALWAYS maintain confidentiality and at the mo need to kind of compartmentalise my life to survive head …home head:)

One of my colleagues said to me on Monday when I had returned from my little break ..’Aye well love ….round here we’re just the flotsam of the industrial revolution’

Hmmmmm ….my reply was that he was probably right but at least we’re still floating ……just about:D:D:D

Food and PJ’s now:)

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