I think I’ve found my life’s goal :D …

RIGHT ….3 things I love

  1. Chicago and it’s art institute
  2. Van Gogh
  3. Air BnB

In a past life I stayed in the US for 12 months …I was a student at the Chicago Art Institute and still have the papers somewhere …I think …to prove it:D:D:D

Chicago really IS one of my favorite cities ….I think it might be due to it burning down and giving some of the worlds most renound architects of the time and city planners a kind of blank canvas ….what I like is the ‘variety’ of sky scrapers interspersed with green spaces and the odd surprising random sculpture …not to mention a lake so vast it feels like an ocean …and YES it’s bloody freeeeeeezing in winter …but I’m from the industrial north …I can take it:D:D:D….and yes …yes …I know there’s uptown and downtown areas like anywhere else …but the ‘greystone’ downtown areas have somthing about them too …something very …very …Chicago:D:D:D

Van Gogh …I’ve always felt for Van Gogh and his tormented mind ….if you look at his paintings you can FEEL the mood he’s in ….I have visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam …his most famous works are the bright vibrant ones…. but this gallery is set out wonderfully ….you kind of move through the moods as you move through the floors ….some of his works are just deep black charcoal …kind of claustrophobic with images that can be barely seen through the smog. It is pretty well known that had Van Gogh been alive today he would probably have had a ‘diagnosis’ of bipolar disorder …..it’s almost like a first hand experience visiting this museum

Airbnb ….I LOVE the concept and have used it a couple of times …once staying with a woman in her little cottage in Cumbria and the second staying with a Google expert in a ‘hip’ part of London ….the TV was a whole wall and a little round robot kind of slowly circled the living room cleaning up …I kid you NOT!!! ?..it was a high tech home but in a quirky way…apart from all the ‘gadgets’ it was very modest …LOADS of personality tho:D:D:D

I’ve thought of doing Airbnb myself …but number one …don’t think there’s  much demand for folk visiting these parts …and number two ….I do not have a spare room


I have just found out on one of the current affairs blogs I follow that an artist at the institute has ACTUALLY recreated Van Gogh’s bedroom as depicted in the famous painting AND has advertised it on Airbnb!!!!

My God!!!

That IS my life goal now !!!!…stuff the 2 year plan ..my life’s ambition is to LIVE at the Chicago Art Institute occupying Van Gogh’s bedroom …IMAGINE THAT!!!

Could just lol about in pjs all day ‘Eric’ in hand:D:D:D                                                                 When visitors came round ….as part of the installation I could freeze like a statue ….folk would say ….’who the hell is THAT!!!?’….I could take note of all the comments then blog the most interesting or amusing ones:D:D:D I reckon the whole shebang might appeal to old Vinny’s  humour ….hmmm …if he was having a good day of course:D:D:D   Hmmmm and would it work the same if I took the kids along?:D:D:D

ANYWAY …it’s a stroke of genius by the institute …I will be watching with interest who moves in ( with a touch of green eyed envy it HAS to be said:D:D

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