Just now the youngest walked in and popped on the TV ……the first thing that came on was news on the US presidential election campaign ….he watched for a while appearing enthralled …..he slowly repeated words which had just come from the very mouth of one of the candidates …

‘ Let’s make America great again! ……Trump’

He repeated it again …slooooooowly 

Then looked at me wide eyed ….’Let’s make America great again Trump? ….he was looking at me as tho seeking some kind of verification

I said NOTHING ….think there was probably a millisecond of me just looking wide eyed back …..he then preceeded to roll about the floor with what appeared to be an uncontrollable laughing fit…..after a few minutes had elapsed and he FINALLY got his breath back he said between gasps

‘Mum …Mum …who is this guy …what’s the matter with his face ( it DID look orange but maybe that’s our poor quality TV)…..why is he wearing that wig? …..

More laughing …

Gasp …..’My God ….Obama’s still there isn’t he?’ ……Gasp …..Gasp

I tried to keep my face straight ….remain neutral ….THIS could be the moment my 11 year old develops an interest in international politics …..I’m curious to know what he thinks …let him form his own opinion

Told him I was going to blog his reaction tho :D:D:D

I foretell many questions a coming ….often when the youngest asks questions I am stumped how to answer ……he has often said stuff out of the blue that have left me and his older brother just looking at each other …..mutual cogs whirring ….first to digest …then give an answer ……just before he started high school ( last September ……and YES he DOES look too small)  ….we went to the cinema and he came out with one of these  what we call ‘Samisms’ …..it deserves a ‘post’ in itself THAT particular one:D:D:D

Anyway …..for now I can feel myself bracing for an onslaught of very difficult questions about international affairs that I feel EXTREMELY ill equipped to answer:D:D:D

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