End of Summer Samism …

So ……the boys and myself  had a trip to the cinema towards the end of the summer hols last year ( can’t even remember now what we went to see)

Anyway ….we had gone for something to eat beforehand …as per there was nothing really on the menu which appealed to the youngest so he was sat somewhat sulkily prodding a plate of chips:D:D:D ( he’s a terrible eater)

Myself and the eldest were eating and chatting ( like you do) when from the sulky corner of the table came …..
‘I feel like a table with just 3 legs a quiver’
‘I am a painting on a wall which is incomplete’

I kid you NOT ….this is EXACTLY what he said!!!

Myself and the eldest stopped chewing and just looked at each other ….this was a classic ‘Samism’ alert:D:D:D  Sam stopped prodding  and looked up at us …
‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ says he
‘Well ….what you just said was interesting ..but not sure exactly what you mean ….are you ok?’ says I
‘ I’m fine’ says he
‘God stop looking at me like like that ..you remind me of my teachers’

His elder brother in a rare gesture these days …put his arm around him and said …

‘Sam ..Sam ..listen mate …when you say things like that folk WILL stare at you …..and for gods sake don’t come out with it when you get to high school or folk will think your a weirdo …your going to have to learn to keep your thoughts to yourself’

‘Nooooo …..said I …your thoughts are great Sam I’m sure your teachers will love them …but maybe it might be helpful to write them down in a notebook or something as they occur rather than say out loud ….shall we get you a notebook and pen?’

‘If you like’ says he matter of factly …as tho wondering what all the fuss was about

‘Just one last thing’ says I  ‘Is it the painting or the wall which is incomplete?’

‘The wall’ says he

My God!!! ….I felt terrible:D:D:D ….anyway …despite this we DID end up having a really good evening out, Sam is now 6 months in to high school and seems to be doing ok

Put it this way … he has grown the biggest ‘locky’ Afro you have EVER seen ….it actually looks very stylish ….is this the behaviour of a kid lacking confidence in who he is??

Sometimes …the things he comes out with …I can never decide whether I should be deeply worried about OR he has just got the most incredible dry sense of humour for his age:D:D:D …..I guess it’s a case of watch this space

Another example I will blog whilst I remember is going swimming ….I think it was the summer before last …..on reaching the end of the pool I turned ….and for a split second I couldn’t see him ……a quick scan of the pool ….and THERE slap bang in the middle I could JUST see Sam’s Hawian shorted backside above the surface  ……as I got to him he bobbed up for air …

‘Mum’ says he beaming ‘I think I’ve invented a new swimming stroke’
‘Oh really?’said I ‘what is the name of this swimming stroke?’
‘The Squid’ says he
‘ Hmmmmm ok…Would you show me?’

He bobbed beneath the surface again …his body bent double as though touching his toes but kind of doing a scissor movement with the four limbs, his backside JUST above the surface

He came up beaming widely ‘What do you think? says he
‘Your not really getting anywhere’ said I
‘No ..I’m a squid’ said he
‘But swimming strokes are about propelling you through the water …if done well you can keep going for miles …your not going to get too far like THAT you would probably drown’
‘Oh Mum ….said he ….it’s a FUN stroke your just being a squid …try it!!!

…and I’m ashamed to say I DID …and I have to admit you do feel to be simulating the movement of a squid …but you don’t get very far:D:D:D

….it was shortly after this that I thought …hmmmmm maybe I’ve been a bit tooooo free and easy with these boys ….it’s about balance …
you HAVE to temper fun with rules …I don’t have too many but I do have SOME …the next post is the house rules we have these days ….they are on the stairwell so act as a’reminder’ every day  …kind of:D:D:D

4 thoughts on “End of Summer Samism …

  1. I think Sam sounds like a very special young man, someone to be nurtured but writing such insightful comments in a book would save him being bullied for a ‘weirdo’. I’d encourage his inventiveness and comments – I’m off to try the squid next time I swim!

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