Narcisstic Society

OR ……a quick look at Narcissism using Simpletons System Theory

OR …..the insanity of the state we’re in

So … an individual are you ‘narcisstic’ or able to show ‘compassion’? ……hmmmmm I would argue we are ALL probably a bit of both to varying degrees BUT by its very nature a society based on the accumulation of monetry wealth and ‘status’ is a narcisstic culture pushing us further and further down this line

You MUST have this … …no ….not that THIS ….you need it ….you deserve it …..and you’ve GOT to meet this target and THIS one ……c’mon you’ve got to beat the competion …..what do you mean that’s your friend? ….don’t be daft there’s no such thing as ‘friends’ in business it’s everyone for themself.

That’s it ….very good ….your building it up now ….you CAN’T slip now tho … LIKE the position your in don’t you ….you like the BUZZ of accumulation and status ….WELL DONE YOU!!!

But it’s meant I’ve had to walk over other folk to get here
….So what? they didn’t deserve to get here like you did ….it’s survival of the fittest mate

(Do you see where I’m going here? ….we reap what we sow …and as mere human beings we can ALL be tempted by shiney stuff ….the media selling it to us on a plate)

Go on … deserve it


Who? …them? …no no ….we’re FAR superior to them …THEY can’t be included ….they can’t afford this lifestyle …lets close them off …segragate ….just leave them to their own devices …..hmmmmmm OK OK that might not look too good ….I KNOW let’s sell them a cheaper shoddily made version ….or limited access ….Hey ..we can make even MORE money that way


Let’s buy this land really cheaply off them …it’s ok …they know no better ….the habitat??? ….what rare and important species? ….who gives a stuff about THAT? …for folk interested in any of that they can always watch one of that Attenborough blokes recordings …..yeah yeah let’s keep em indoors watching telly ….that’s the best way we can keep this whole shebang on the road ….they’re just like battery hens and know no different

(believing we hold superior status to other species on this planet ….pillaging its resources with total disregard is perhaps the grossest narcissm of all)


Blimey the rains been bad this year …couldn’t get to one of my homes ….and apparantly the yacht has sunk in a storm …theres been a lot of storm damage to one of the production plants too is going thro the roof …but no prob ….plenty more where that came from….what do you mean my shares are tumbling?

Systems theory see …maintain the equilibrium of the whole by osmosis …that two way communication process ….but are we happy with the whole we are maintaining?….and are we maintaining it at ALL …I don’t know about you but when my own system is off kilter I feel ill and struggle to function properly ….think of that on a much grander scale:)

So How do we turn this tide in favour of compassion globally…..because pretty much ALL countries are going down this route now ….and WELL it’s supply and demand ….I guess on an individual level we can use our ‘buying power’ discriminatively …..and maybe excersise our democratic right(if we live in a country that allows this)to lobby both businesses and governments…..A GREEN SOCIALLY FAIR AGENDA!!!…turn the tables to …demand and supply …. guess it’s a case of do enough folk see a need for change tho

We DO have SOME’choice’ as individuals

Hmmm ….I guess other stuff we can do is teach our kids to read between the lines of mass media…..get outdoors to breeeeeeath with nature even if it’s just the park, start chatting to the old lady on the bus ….or better still the kid in the hoodie ….if you get chance buy the ‘Big Issue’ and get to know your local seller
Be creative ….write ….draw or make something …get into the bloggersphere to READ as well as write:D:D:D ….it’s those global perspectives and connections that are so fascinating,…. shrink the world and maybe stop usgetting lost up our own bum:D:D:D
And if all else fails just keep tuning into Om:D:D:D ….whatever religion you are or none

Hmmmmm yep maybe just do this last one anyway …just 10-20 mins a day ….it makes you feel better ….SERIOUSLY ….and it costs ABSOLUTELY 0 🙂

4 thoughts on “Narcisstic Society

  1. This post gets at the heart of many of the problems we’re experiencing today. I’ve come across legit scientific evidence which suggests that the more we focus on personal status and gain, the less we care about BOTH other people and the environment. The values that underlie the drive for personal wealth are in strict opposition to the values that underlie benevolence and compassion – they cannot be activated at the same time.

    But as you pointed out if everyone puts themselves above all others, it hurts everyone. The social injustices and environmental degradation (which are intimately related) brought about by mass selfishness will eventually come full circle. So in reality the best way to ensure our own future is to spread compassion and justice: both for other people and other species.

    If you want to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend the book Common Cause for Nature: A Practical Guide to Values and Frames in Conservation.

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