Tuning in to Om ….a DIY job

So ……I realise I keep going on about this …..almost like saying ‘if you just do this everything will be fine’ …. but I honestly believe that …. it doesn’t mean to say you won’t hit bumps in the road of life ….experience difficulty ….but it DOES help you get through it and over time alter your overall perspective on life ….I would say for the better:):):):):)

Now ….if you’ve read any of my blog you will know that I like to keep things simple ….basically because I am:D:D:D

I COULD get all ‘yoga speak’ on you now ….talk about Prana, Chi, Universal Energy ……or religious …… and talk about ‘God, Allah etc ….but I won’t …

No … I will just explain how to do it ….so that in future you know what I’m on about ….and if you feel so inclined ….can try it for yourself:)

As I said previously …. I kind of fell into ‘Yoga’ a number of years ago ..at the time I could barely walk and was in a lot of pain following a fractured pelvis and joined a yoga class as a form of gentle excersise to help ease the frustration of not being able to get about as I had previously ( no yoga is NOT just about tying your body in knots:D:D:D……but BOY is it so much more than I had anticipated at the time:D:D:D

ANYWAY …..as you can imagine …there wasn’t a great deal I could ACTUALLY physically do initially ….the teacher simply got me to lie on a mat on the floor and focus on the breath

She had a recording of the ocean on in the background…..no music ….just the natural sounds of the sea

There we all were …laid flat on our backs in a dusty old hall in a slightly delapidated industrial town in the depths of winter:D:D:D

She simply got us to raise and lower our arms alternately to the same rhythm of our breath
Inhale …arm up
Exhale …arm down …and sloooow it down to a smooooth slow rhythm…focussing inward ….eyes closed


Of course to start with ….my breathing was so fast I must have looked like I was trying to take off …..thoughts also kept chattering across my mind:D:D:D

Now …I don’t know whether it’s because I couldn’t do much more than this at the time …..week in week out I would just hobble down there and do this for almost 2 hrs whilst the rest of the class who could ….got on with the full asana routines:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….within a couple of sessions the ‘mind chatter’ which is always there to begin with ….subsided very quickly and I was left with just my breath and that sublime darkness you see when you close your eyes ….eventually even noticing the breath stops and your left going deeper into the sublime darkness like a cosseting blanket …..no need to move your arms when you get to that
….they kind of slow down and stop automatcally anyway ….your left lying there flat on your back like a ‘corpse’ ….which IS actually the name for that position:D:D:D
And NO your NOT asleep:D:D:D ….your actually very aware strange tho it sounds ….it’s just that the focus has shifted:):):):)

And that’s as much as you need to know for now really ….

No ….you don’t need to be physically fit
You certainly don’t need to buy into all the ‘Yoga’ paraphernalia which is so hip and trendy right now ( I find it hilarious how ‘Yoga’ and ‘Mindfulness’ is being ‘marketed here in the west and seems to be aimed at ‘the beautiful people’)
You can even be a follower of ANY religion or none

Just practice this very simple technique daily ….10 or 20 mins a day with no expectation of ‘results’
Don’t ‘try’ ……in fact it’s the opposite …..just ‘let go’ with each exhale ….any ‘thought’ that comes in ….let it in ….and then let it drift out again ….focus on the calm darkness underneath and the slow rhythm of the breath like ocean waves ….just do it as part of your daily routine and see what happens over time ….
Go with the flow
Tune into Om:D:D:):):):)

And BLIMEY I do sound a bit like some kind of unlikely hippy don’t I …..but I know what I mean ….and trust me it works…..in a subtle but REMARKABLE way if you keep with it:)

PS) If/when you get to the stage when you can sit and just turn inwards without focussing on movement or sound to help slow your thoughts and breathing down ….that’s even better
….rest your hands on your knees …thumb and forefinger touching …….or just in your lap …..left hand on right hand with thumb tips touching ……..you are now in a classic meditation position …..enjoy:):):):):)


20 thoughts on “Tuning in to Om ….a DIY job

  1. I used to practice Yoga when I was in India. I remember how long it had taken me to achieve the physical and mental discipline. My advice to you would be to not quit it. It has unbelievably amazing long term effects! 🙂

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  2. This is an awesome read, honestly I have seldom come across straightforward and personal techniques when it comes to meditation and now I realize that listening to a meditator’s experience gives far more insight than ‘how to’ books! I wonder what it is when all chatter stops! For me it’s usually sleep 😛

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    1. Blimey ..Thanks Swetha

      And what is it when the chatter stops?:D:D:D
      Well …it’s difficult to find words really …at risk of sounding full of ‘hippy nonsense’ as my soon to be ex would say:D:D:D ….
      Its kind of an awareness of All and Nothing ….a subtle connection to both ….and your left with a feeling of sublime peace and reassurance

      ……all kinds of ‘thoughts’ come in and go out at first …sometimes in flashes ….sometimes rolling like a movie…the key is to just let them come in and pass …stay focussed on the calm darkness unfolding beneath and the slow steady ebb and flow of the breath …..

      And that’s all I can say ….. simple in its complexity ….complex in its simplicity:)

      I often wonder if it was because I was in such a mess physically AND psychologically at the time …that I kind of fell into it ….my body, mind and soul were running on empty ….I was functioning ‘just’ …kind of going thro the motions

      I STILL meditate most days ….( occaisional miss if not at home) ….and sometimes it’s easier to get to that state than others …I have total blips too …where I struggle to get into it at all…..but just let it ‘be’ …no expectation of ‘results’ ..

      For me ….meditation practice serves to negate/enhance the ‘here and now’
      We have to live the life we have at this moment….who knows where it’s heading or why ….try to make the right choices if we have any …..enjoy the journey ( God …hippy speak again:D:D:D) ….this human life is NEVER plain sailing …we will all face challanges/tests along the way to varying degrees:) ….but stay ‘open’ …keep learning and growing…as I said in one of my earlier posts ‘I feel we should always try to maintain a little spirit of 3’

      …..and it DOES help if you can sit rather than lie …just in case you have a tendancy to fall asleep;) :D:D:D ….and I HAVE done that in the early days when lying as a ‘corpse’:D:D:D

      But it doesn’t really matter …..your body is pretty relaxed to fall asleep anyway …..so it’s ALL good:)

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  3. Wow, thanks! This is great info and it’s very inspiring to see how you turned everything around, how you face life, no sorry scratch that out, ‘how you live life’.
    And please do not worry that you sound like anything, these are words of wisdom that no matter how many times repeated, still isn’t nearly enough.
    Everybody needs to have this kind of attitude about life and trust me you have more people looking up to you than you care to notice, I for one do!
    As for people and soon to be exes who think you’re full of hippy nonsense, well, it’s not their fault. They are still rooted in the physical, so dependent and caught up in the human experience that they’re afraid to even take a dump alone without interacting with some gadget or person, let alone meditate or take some quiet time off!

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    1. This means such a lot Swetha …..I’ve checked out your blog so know you know where I’m coming from ….made me go aaaaaaaagh when I read some of your posts:D:D:D …. flattered you say folk look up to me:D:D:D ….doubt that VERY much:D:D:D ……..there’s nothing beats a mutual appreciation tho ANYWAY ….so high five to you sister:):):):D:D:D

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    1. Yes ..’Yoga’ …India’s GREATEST export …..Hmmmm maybe you SHOULD start with the ‘boat’ theme …..the journey ….and maybe words aren’t needed ….or maybe just a pertinent ‘quote’ and/ or your own thoughts re the images …..just wish you’d hurry up and get on with it from this end:D:D:D

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        1. Oh for goodness sake Sudhir!!! …..THAT might be one I will have to blog MYSELF!!!:D:D:D …..and am supposed to be working …keeping up with the admin by going to the little known room where I know there are a couple of slow but functioning desktops as my THIRD reconditioned laptop has stopped functioning …..I need to somehow miraculously tune in to ‘The Conciousness of Rosie’ ( see a previous post) ……or risk loosing my job!!!! …..I’m trying not to blog …but keep distracting by reading:D:D:D …..think it’s my ‘Blogaddiction’:D:D:D
          Think I need to do a bit of ‘Om’ ing …..and as for more posts from me? ……it really HAS to be a case of …..’Coming Soon’ :D:D:D

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  4. I do Yogurt… but that doesn’t seem to be the same thing! Some of us can’t sit still that long, or at all… so we find other ways, but if the aim is to gain insight and to discipline the self, it comes out the same. I find kayaking long distance to have that effect, as I used to get into while driving fairly long distances, say a couple of hours non-stop – not city driving of course, just highway. Then there’s bicycling and running. I did try meditation and Yoga way back but I couldn’t stop – had to be multi-tasking, building castles in space; solving problems (not mine: those were always solved on impact). The point is that there are people whose minds are on a treadmill endlessly grinding out stress while others can think at the speed of light and still exist in that calm center of ocean waves washing against one-another. Nothing beats the calming rhythm of a kayak paddle on a great expanse of water that is neither friend nor enemy and would kill you in five minutes if you flipped into its icy embrace. By the read of your article though, that Yoga would be the answer for anyone haunted by stress-inciting thoughts the mind can’t seem to let go of on its own. Like a sort of AA… Yes, the mind can be an addict too.


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