Watching ‘Captain America’

Yep ….both my boys are Marvel fans

Tonight ….along with the customary ‘Spot Stan Lee’……..comments have included …..

‘New York takes a bit of a battering doesn’t it’

and …

‘Why does Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier wear a fingerless glove on his metal hand?’

reply …..

‘Even superheroes and villains like to look a LITTLE stylish’

response …….

‘So what about Captain America’s head gear?’

reply ….

‘Shhhhhhhhhh ….just watch the movie’

And there’s ALWAYS that most critical of questions ……’Should a proper superhero wear a cape?’

The answer to which of course is ‘NO’

So Captain America’s ok then:D:D:D:D

Hmmmmmmm ……between you and I ….would quite like to waft around in a superhero cape …….or better still …..zoom around with Falcoln’s wings….. IMAGINE THAT!!!:D:D:D

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