It’s just not right ……

On Monday morning news that a colleague had been admitted to hospital over the weekend with a CVA (stroke) AND SHE’S THIRTY FIVE!!!???

Shock! ….Sadness! ….Anger!

Its just not worth it is it ?…..the NHS is on its knees ….just remember that the vast majority who worked for it were NOT in it for the money …..well if you look at the salaries it’s damned obvious ….different motivations ….BUT agree with soooo many of my colleagues at the mo …..the job has become IMPOSSIBLE …..the whole thing feels like a ‘ take’

and we’re not stupid ….know what the agenda is …….feels like game over for areas such as this  …….classed as an ‘area of deprivation’ …..folk can’t afford private health insurance ….shops and banks etc bailing out ….folk reliant on food banks  and the like …..and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that areas like this are of the greatest need when it comes to health and social care …..or ‘well being’ as everyone likes to say these days:D:D:D

Yep …I reckon ‘stress’ will be seen as THE epidemic of the 21st century ….sadly
It’s insane

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