The Taxi

Well actually I call it ‘The Meadow’

I bought this car last year …..the first time I have ever bought a car by myself (Dad and then Hubble were around before) …and the first time I have ever had a brand new one ( used to drive old cars which could be tinkered with ……THATS a post in itself :D:D:D

And no we don’t have a works lease scheme ….that went a couple of years ago …think it was 2010

ANYWAY ….the last car I had simply did its duty and died ……can’t complain ….it had served me well up to the last few months ……but I’m not much good at tinkering with cars and they’re pretty much untinkerable now ANYWAY ….parts seem to be mostly electronic closed systems with a particular shelf life that are only available from the manufacturer ……RIP OFF!!! ……Trap us into making MORE money for the corporation …..whilst OUR skills ( well …my Dads) ……and small business like my long suffering mechanic( now retired) ….and scrap merchants go to the wall …..screw the little man!!! ……Ooops in danger of going off on one:D:D:D

So …did my homework …my car is not just a runaround …has to get me all around the district on a daily basis …sometimes further afield …it serves as taxi, removal van, mobile therapy room, cafeteria AND has to be affordable, economical and preferably kind to the environment but the latter is pretty much out of my league ….why IS that?

After coming to a decision off I popped to the car dealers …..yes ….yes ….I know ….into the jaws of the wolf in sheeps clothing:D:D:D …..don’t worry I was PREPARED!!!!

So in I marched and was greeted by a suited and booted very shiney smart and well mannered gentleman who asked me if he could be of any assistance.

I explained what I was looking for and asked if I could go on a test drive …..’Of course madam’

We set off …and I was STRUCK by the silence of the engine and the smooth operation of everything ( I’ve driven old cars remember …and for any Americans …yes it HAS to be ‘stick shift’ :D)

‘Hmmmmmm …..yes I like this …can I see how it runs on the motorway?’

‘Of course madam’

and as we were driving he was doing his shpeal( oops spelling)….you know …telling me all about the car and its various functions etc …..then

‘Will you be using it just as a runaround or for works purposes also’

So …I explained what it would be used for as above:D:D:D …..he then asked me what I did for a living … I told him

It transpired that he was ex army …..we had a very interesting conversation about what it’s like to see active service, the difficulties settling back into civilian life and PTSD

THEN simultaneously we both noticed we were approaching the next city!!! …..My god!!! ….it was only supposed to be a ‘test drive’ to the first junction on the motorway and back!

I apologised profusely …( You see the problem I have is that I am genuinely interested in folk …get them talking ….then I loose track of what I’m supposed to be doing:D:D)

‘No ….No ….it’s my fault ….don’t worry it’s not a problem I got carried away gabbing’ says he laughing

He seemed really relaxed and it felt like we were almost buddies when we got back to the showroom ( well it DID take a while:D:D

Back at the showroom Mr shiney salesman returned ….we started to talk BUSINESS! ..come up with a DEAL!

I finally got one I was happy with INCLUDING an unbelievable part ex for my old dead motor

Then he says …’OK that’s all done then …just need you to sign here’

‘Hang on a minute’ says I ‘We haven’t discussed colour’

‘COLOUR???  says he ‘I thought you were going to buy the black one you have just driven!!!’

‘WHAT? ….says I ‘You mean to tell me there’s all these lovely colours in the brochure it’s the first time I have EVER had a brand new car and you want to sell me that black one on the forecourt?’

He dropped his pen back onto the papers …ruffled his hair and said with a kind of sigh ..’OK ……so what colour had you been thinking?’

‘I rather like the spring green …the car on the front of the brochure’

‘But that’s metallic!!!’

‘Look you’ve been GREAT but I’ve explained my circumstances …what I can afford …it’s the first time I have EVER  bought a brand new car if I can’t have my choice of colour I will have to have a rethink and take my business elsewhere’ ……and I meant it ….a little voice in my head was saying ..stay strong …don’t be swayed …this is a LOT of money your talking practically LIVE in your car …it has to feel right!

‘Ok …will have to talk to my boss ‘

So he disappeared with all the papers for AGES …..returning some time later with ANOTHER shiney suited and booted gentleman …who explained that the offers on at the moment were due to it being the end of a registration period therefore they were clearing stock before new registration stock arrived …

I said I was sorry to hear that …felt the first gentleman had been an EXCELLANT salesman but that I was going to have to rethink and take my business elsewhere for the reasons stated.

‘Just a moment’ said he ‘the only thing we can do is a we bsearch of the whole dealership to see if there’s the car you want elsewhere’

and off they disappeared again for AGES!!

the nice ex army gentleman finally pops his head round the door and says ..’I’m really sorry but we’ve looked everywhere …there isn’t the car you want in spring green ANYWHERE in the country’

‘OK’ says I standing up to leave ‘Thankyou for trying anyway’

‘WAIT’ says he and disappears AGAIN

FINALLY he returned looking slightly ruffled

‘RIGHT ..we have located ONE model in spring green at a port in the Czec Republic awaiting transportation to Hull …it’s in spring green but it would mean you would be without a car for a couple of weeks’

‘That’s ok’ says I …thinking will have to juggle about a bit ..walking, cadging lifts etc but ok

‘Thing is its …not the exact model we agreed’s full spec ..

‘Can’t afford more than agreed’ said I standing up

‘I know …I know ..don’t worry have already cleared it with the boss means you’ll be a couple of weeks without a car tho’

I couldn’t BELIEVE it!!! …my face must have said it all ..I thanked him profusely …saying I couldn’t believe it and was REALLY happy:):):):):)

He just laughed and said with an exasperated sigh ..’Thank for that!’ …which made me laugh too …and it goes without saying the ‘monitoring’ form you have to fill in for companies re salespeople reflected what a FANTASTIC salesman he was …it’s all supply and demand these days but it CAN be turned to demand and supply sometimes ….particularly when there are 2 genuine, honest people involved in the transaction:)

I had been there ALL afternoon tho …bet his boss just said …’OK whatever ..just get that woman OUT of the showroom’:D:D:D

2 thoughts on “The Taxi

    1. Ha haaa Thankyou …..if you are interested in seeing my handy work which turned the taxi into a meadow see the post ‘Oops forgot the pics’
      feel honored a genuine taxi business enjoyed my post:)


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