How Single Payer Healthcare Works and What’s Been Going on in Britain

I work for the NHS …..this is spot on!!!
It has felt like a deliberate trashing the last few years ….a determined dismantling to PROVE inefficiency and thus privatise ….not only is privatisation more costly ….private ‘care’ companies tend to cherry pick what and who they will provide for ….we used to have universal healthcare here … not any more ….it’s a postcode lottery at best. The only other thing I would add to your post is that the NHS like all public sector services is ACCOUNTABLE to the public …..this is not the case in the private sector whose motivations are to make a PROFIT out of ‘care’

Benjamin Studebaker

Today I’d like to get at some of the deeper intricacies of single payer healthcare systems by telling you a story about what’s going on with Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). If you’re American, this post will shed some light on how Bernie Sanders’ system potentially works. If you’re British, this is where you’ll get my view on the junior doctors’ strike and what the conservatives are trying to do with the NHS.

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