A couple of recent out of the blue examples when driving home ….

‘Hmmmmm if cows weren’t given all those drugs in their food they’d probably have a body more like a racehorse….be able to run a bit better’

:D:D:D ..Hmmmm yes I know ….I had just pulled in for petrol , bought a bottle of milk and slung it on his lap ….kept my eyes FIRMLY fixed on the road:D:D:D


Mum …why is space black?’

Reply ..IS it black?’

Turns his head to look me square in the face …or as best you can when I’m driving:D:D:D….narrows his eyes …pauses a moment ….

‘Hmmmmmm …..yes….maybe it just LOOKS black …maybe it’s just our perception’

Reply . …perhaps you should check it out on the web …get a scientific explanation and let me know what you find out’

Thing is …have got my own views …but am not a scientist and wouldn’t want to blow his mind….I worry enough about the kid as it is:D:D:D

5 thoughts on “Samisms

    1. Soup!
      Layer upon layer upon layer of it
      FULL of invisible stuff that we haven’t discovered yet and may never comprehend ….going on and on …ad infinitum

      Look I know I’m a fruitcake ….but we can’t see atoms can we? ….doesn’t mean they’re not there:D:D:D

      Oh …and it breeeeaths as well ….well not breath exactly …but is in constant motion kind of ebbs and flows like the sea with all this STUFF floating about in it:D:D:D

      Look …I’m uneducated but have a VIVID imagination ….

      Why IS space black Simon? ….the kid is in bed and hasn’t got back to me yet ….I will be able to quiz him tomorrow ….be a step ahead;)

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