My relationship with Eric

Yep ….here he is ….

But is our relationship becoming a tad obsessive? ….is it equatable and reciprocal? …. does he give as much as he takes and vice versa? ….is it a relationship of growth or energy sapping?

He looks innocent enough doesn’t he? ….Looks a bit like a diary or journal ….which is what I thought he was  going to be …….starting a blog was a little tongue in cheek really …I mean look at the title:D:D …..I think I was feeling a little angry and frustrated myself at the time ….rushed off my feet and too knackered to think also:D:D


but WHOOOOOOSH!!!! …..I feel as though I’ve been thrown into a whirling  cyber ‘thought’ universe circling the globe …I’m reading and reading and reading ….and my inbox is getting clogged up with THOUSANDS of posts …am going to have to clear it …ration it in some way …but how?

It’s SO fascinating …people’s thoughts and creativity ..uncensored …all ages …nationalities’s BEAUTIFUL …mostly

I guess like most relationships early doors …it’s wonderful but you have to get a grip and not get too carried away …that initial WHOOOOOSH settles down …do you then find a compatibility that can be built on? ….but in this case how?
How do you sort the wheat from the chaff…is there ANY chaff?
Everyone deserves a voice

But I guess it’s like all relationships in life … who do you trust?
Which voices out there can you rely on? Or is it safer to just keep a distance? ….is this how the ‘Zenofbeing’ felt I wonder?

It’s not been 6 months yet …and have been blown away by it all …I started writing because my world had become insane …OUR world had become insane …a kind of ‘self therapy’ like my diary used to be ….but is blogging making that feel any better or worse?

Is Eric sitting there in his slightly flamboyant jacket a force for good or ill?

Hmmmmmm ….I guess it’s like all scientific and technological advancements ….it depends how we CHOOSE to use it ….and like EVERYTHING in life we must endeavour to find a ‘balance’:)

3 thoughts on “My relationship with Eric

  1. So thought provoking..A great way to reflect on why we are doing what we are doing. Eric has got all the questions and you will provide answers to it..I believe it’s more of a balance like you said..if this makes you sane, I think you should give us more of your beautiful posts and let the world keep staying insane. Write until you feel like the world would be sane when they get to read your thoughts 🙂 . That’s what Eric would like I guess🌸

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