Neutralise ……

I have never claimed to be ‘brain of Britain’ or anything ….

Just an ordinary working Mum trying  to get by as  best she can
….maybe with a few off the wall ideas but hey:D:D:D

The neighbourhood where I live and work is mixed like most urban areas in the uk

No that’s not strictly true ….THIS particular neighbourhood is mostly made up of approximately 40% white Christian/Agnostic 40% Muslim mostly of Pakistani or Indian heritage but not ALL …there’s a smattering of white and African also ….there’s a few Hindus…and we also have Irish, Bosnians, Hungarians. Polish and more recently some folks from Syria added to the mix ….and I grew up a bit farther down the road on the outskirts of the next city where there was also ….Italians,Astonians, Afro Caribeans and a small Chinese community …..different religions too ….I think I mentioned in a previous post how as a kid I was brought up loosely Christian yet used to pop into the Sikh temple every now and then to enjoy a good meal and a chat:D:D:D ….actually I guess it is pretty mixed isn’t it?:D:D:D ….All in all tho ….it makes for a pretty interesting community if you ask me:D:D:D

And yep ….we’ve had our ‘community cohesion’ issues …..particularly going back to my childhood where overt racism was commonplace …..and more recently some tense moments where there seemed to be a collective holding of the breath but by and large folks pretty philosophical … demonstrating how far we have come I feel …but STILL no room for complacency …The MOST recent events being the attack on Paris …..and then the UK joining the Syrian war ( which I personally voted against)….Syria is being used as a battleground between the Arab states and the West BOTH as accountable as each other in my view…..PLUS the complication of Turkey and Russia buddying up and diving in there ….although you can’t really blame Turkey …..both Turkey AND Greece ….have been left out in the cold and are now SERIOUSLY floundering …’s barely being reported in the media …it’s just an ABSOLUTE  bloody mess …there will be NO winners and will end up with all sides having to pack it in eventually get round the table and reach some kind of compromise ….if there’s a table left of course ….it’s frustrating ….anger inducing ….and MORE than heartbreaking

Anyway ….I just wanted to say that for me it means nothing really where you are from ….what religion you are or none….whether you are rich or poor ….male….female ….old ….young … …white …or skybluepink with yellow dots on ….I take people as I find them ….we are no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than each other ….I AM interested in people’s motivations tho …..the reason I am saying this is because during my blogging experience ( started in October) there have been a couple of occasions where quite bitter, nasty posts have found their way into my inbox….it’s not quite clear whether they are just generally so …folk venting their anger and frustration …and they have a right to do so ….free speech and all that ….or whether it’s specific …I think the term is ‘trolling’ although why anyone would want to do that to me I don’t know so I guess it’s the former

BUT..if anyone into that IS reading this …keep reading if you like in fact read MORE blogs …..

For every nasty, bitter post there are 100’s ….1000’s …. millions of fascinating and inspiring ones out there …..folks from all over the globe …’s AMAZING …..yep ….we’re ALL different yet remarkably similar too …I reckon there are sooooooo many good people out there …learning from each other …it’s DEFINATELY enough to neutralise ANY poison:)

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