A few ‘hint droppers’

RIGHT …let me see …so who have we got here? …in no particular order

African Tribal Guy, Jesus, Mohammed, Gaia, Guru Nanak, Native American Earth Mother, Patanjali, Aboriginal Artist,Buddha

I’m sure there’s probably many more ….

But anyway …not only would it make an incredible dinner party:D:D:D ….pared down they are ALL pretty much saying the same thing by way of recognising the ‘connection’ between the human …each other ….other species …nature as a whole including space … and the ‘spiritual’ or ‘energy’ therein

There IS no seperation!!! ….we are mere micro organisms on a small but beautiful planet in a VAST universe:)

As mere humans we are here to live THIS life right now ….the ups and downs …ALL of it…but stay ‘open’ keep learning and growing ….perfect in our imperfection …taking time out to ‘meditate’ ‘pray’ ‘tune in to Om’ as I probably blasphemously call it …….but anyway YES take time out  to cleeeeeeear the mind …peace DEFINATELY ….clarity MAYBE ..and direction HOPEFULLY….can you imagine if we ALL did THAT!!!

I find it fascinating that all these ‘belief’ systems occurring all over the world LONG before any form of mass communication …pared down say pretty much the same ….if that ain’t dropping the hint there’s something in it ….AND that we’re flying WELL off kilter ….I don’t know what is:D:D:D

And I don’t know about you but although ALSO facinating …. the international space programme just seems to have shown us dusty old barran wastelands thus far…whatever angle you look at it from …earth is by FAR the most diverse and beautiful planet seen by humans…it needs A LOT of healing and nurturing right now …..not just our own little patch on it and sod the rest ….it doesn’t work like that …systems theory remember ….it requires the WHOLE …maybe in the past we could plead ignorance ….not any more tho with today’s global communication and technology …..individually AND collectively it IS our priority job:)
…..Hmmmmmmmm and when I think about it …..if we managed to pull it off … THAT indeed would be an ultimate definition of ‘love’:)

But hark at ME!!D:D:D …..can’t even get the basic family unit right so maybe a TAD ambitious thinking world peace and harmony is a possibility:D:D:D……hmmmmmmm still think the above named ‘hint droppers’ would make for an AMAZING dinner party tho….would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at THAT one:D:D:D

Actually No ….would need to throw in one or two athiests …maybe some undecideds …current world leaders …religious and political ….ooooh and not forgetting top international scientists and a peppering of corporate multinational bods into the mix ….just for added entertainment value……THAT would indeed be AWESOME!!!:D:D:D 😉

RIGHT …..I’m off  to tackle the sock mountain ….maybe solving the mystery of the multiplying odd socks is a more realistic and achievable goal…..





Then again ….maybe not:D:D:D

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