I KNEW it!!!!

Had noticed in recent years ANOTHER change to a classic piece of confectionary to substandard quality …

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange!!!

This thing was a work of art ….the packaging ….the …’tap it …unwrap it’ ….or drop the thing with force onto a hard surface to transform it from a solid dimpled globe of delicious creamy chocolate into proper orange shaped segments which were more manageable to eat:D:D:D


But SERIOUSLY Christmas wasn’t Christmas unless you got one of these in your stocking:D:D:D

And guess what I have just found out …..’Terry’s’ were ALSO taken over by ‘Kraft Foods’ a couple of years ago which is now ‘Mondalez International’ ….this company is RIPPING FOLK OFF I tell you

Where is the ‘honesty’ in business? …..Do we REALLY have a society run by Narcissists and Psychopaths who don’t give a damn? ……Hmmmmm it’s looking like it isn’t it?







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