This morning ….

So….got up as per usual Sunday morning…had breakfast …sorted laundry and took up to Mohammed …
My house is pretty small room for a dryer …so I take my washing up to the local laundrette for drying …Mohammed owns it and if left all day ensures the weeks washing is dried and folded so neatly no ironing is required …HURRAH!!! ….and all for £4 … he is indeed the saviour of THIS household:D

Anyway … before taxi’ing the eldest I had a quick look at Eric who I had unusually left downstairs on the floor …on opening his jacket there was a message from WordPress with a zig zag saying Blog On was experiencing ‘heavy traffic’!!!?

What the HELL does THAT mean? …thought I

Now USUALLY I get 1/2 a dozen visits at most to my rambling sepia tinged little blog ..and even THAT suprises me …but yesterday for one day only …it appears things went a little mad and ‘Blog On’ got an additional 94 visits from the Netherlands!!!??:D:D:D ….bizarre!!! ….why???….is it a glitch/error? WordPress randomly plug a post in a particular country or something? ….did ‘Save the Egg’ strike some kind of chord???:D:D:D

Anyway …this blogging milarkey is a fascinating experience isn’t it? But I really AM going to have to bury Eric somewhere and take a break for the next couple of weeks as have SO much going on at the moment I really need to FOCUS and refind my Om:D:D:D
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all kinds of blogs from all over the globe …THANYOU to all bloggers out there for opening up my world and restoring SOME faith that all is not lost:)

Ooh ….and I’ll finish here with a tribute to one of Eric’s positive attributes

When I first got him I downloaded this lovely little app …every morning ..between first and second alarm ( I am not naturally a morning person:D …anyway …yes …every morning he sounds a tinkling chime to announce delivery of a yoga quote …..below are what I received  over the last week or so:):):)

If I DO end up loosing everything the next couple of weeks I guess there is far worse than spending the rest of my life in pyjamas Eric in hand:D:D

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